8 Netflix & Cocktail Pairings For Your Hangover Binge Fest

Hangovers and Netflix seem to go hand in hand. You sit, sweatpants loosened, body dehydrated, head pounding, and HEY you know what would go great with this and what you think will cure your raging hangover but will actually just prolong the inevitable? Our good friend, alcohol!

But what alcoholic adventure is the right one for you as you binge-watch The Crown, Gilmore Girls, or even Stranger Things? Here’s our totally definitive list of best alcohols to knock back while watching your fav Netflix shit.

1. Prosecco DOC + ‘Parks and Recreation’

You know we love some prosecco, and this sparkling wine produced exclusively in specific parts of Italy’s Veneto and Friuli regions pairs well with just about anything from popcorn to Pizza Hut, making it the perfect addition to your Netflix binge-fest. You know what else pairs well with just about anything? Parks and Recreation, my high-key favorite show of all time. It has it all: jokes, touching moments that will make you cry (hi, season 7), biting political commentary that used to make you crack up but is now too real so it will also make you cry. Prosecco and Rec is a winning combo.

Everything Hurts And I'm Dying

2. Bloody Marys + Any True Crime Doc

I mean, the Netflix binge-fest probs starts early, so kicking off your hangover and your day of sitting in one place with a totally vegetable-inspired drink is a GRAND idea. Pair your bloody mary with any of Netflix’s (not actually bloody) true crime documentaries—our favorites include, but are not limited to: Who Took Johnny?, The Fear of 13, Imposter, Team Foxcatcher, or if you’re really into the “bloody” angle, go with a few episodes of Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds

3. Mojitos + ‘Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce’

If it’s getting warm out and you want to embrace spring without leaving the couch, a mojito is the way to go. Muddle some mint and sugar, throw in some white rum, and, bam—it’s like spring in a goddamn glass! While you pretend to embrace change, throw on Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce, wherein a bunch of divorcées fuck up their lives do the same. Plus, you can drink, like, a lot of mojitos and feel pretty good about it because like, hello, mint is an herb and therefore probably good for you. Similarly, you will feel pretty good that you are not one of these fictional fuckups. Everybody wins!

Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

4. Masciarelli’s Villa Gemma Cerasuolo Rosé + ‘Love Actually’

This shit is romance in a glass. Rosé is obv one of our favs, and this deep cherry pink wine will add some extra flavor to your evening. While you romance yourselve with some rosé, cuddle up with Love Actually, your favorite romance movie. Try not to drunk text any fuckboys in the process.

Love Actually

5. Moscow Mule + ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

If your stomach is suffering the effects of your hangover, ginger is the answer. Lucky for us LOTS of drinks incorporate ginger. So, while you’re sitting and contemplating life while watching our favorite ginger, Kimmy Schmidt, sip on a Moscow Mule—heavy on the ginger beer.

Kimmy Schmidt

6. Margaritas + Narcos’

We’re simple betches, and margaritas with nachos are a godsend when you have the spins. I mean, is there anything better than that slightly salted rim and cold tequila with that citrus frrrrrreshness? No. So pop on an episode of Narcos and get going. A little insensitive? Perhaps, but at least you’re not in Mexico rn chanting “Build that wall!”


7. Mimosas + ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’

Basic brunch is our jam, and we’re not ashamed. However, that hangover may keep you from heading to a breakfast laden with bacon and carbs. Of course, if you have a lil Champagne and a lil OJ, so pair that with a lil O.J.—by which I mean, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. The juxtaposition of your light and breezy mimosa with the heaviness of this FX series is probably going to be weird, but the idea of it is fun for me. 

The People V OJ Simpson

8. John Daly + ‘Caddyshack’

If you haven’t heard of this, it’s okay, because you’ve already been drinking it. Half iced tea, half lemonade, and OOPS we put vodka in it. Is there a better sittin’ and sippin’ drink than iced tea OR lemonade? Um no. So this shit naturally makes the list. You’ve probably noticed that this is basically a spiked Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmer (RIP) was a golfer, as you know, so since Happy Gilmore isn’t on Netflix—I just checked—we can substitute that for Caddy Shack.