5 Foods That Can Make Sex Feel Better

Aphrodisiacs are known as “love drugs.” But let’s get things straight. Aphrodisiacs are no miracle workers. Your legs won’t part like Moses did the Red Sea or like Monica’s when she sees a new pair of yellow rubber gloves just because you sniffed one oyster. If you need an automatic turn-me-on to get you to pound town, maybe get a vibrator or talk to your doctor. With that being said, research has shown that certain foods can increase your libido, and if you need proof, re-watch Nate and Serena getting it on with the help of strawberries and whipped cream (Gossip Girl, season 3, episode 14, minute 2:43). We all know that oysters, strawberries, chocolate, and whipped cream are considered to be “sexy foods” but here is a list of less common aphrodisiacs.

1. Chili Peppers

Your body reacts to spicy foods in a similar way to the way it does when you’re turned on. Sex, exercise, and chili peppers all stimulate endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that provide you with a euphoric high (and reduce the chances of you shooting your husband). Chili peppers also escalate your heart rate and get you sweating—sound familiar? Eat some chili peppers and your body will think you just got it on and will be ready for round two.

2. Bananas

Like Beyoncé, this one needs no introduction. If anyone is able to eat a banana without looking like a deep throating pro, please let me know. Apart from their phallic shape, bananas contain bromelain, an enzyme which causes testosterone production, and vitamin B, which increases energy. You + your partner + bananas = more testosterone = the hornier you both are. Now that’s some math I can enjoy.


3. Honey

Since honey is made from pollination (remember the birds and the bees?) it is a symbol of procreation. Remember this, boys who only have the energy to last two pumps: it is a natural energy booster so you can last longer. But most importantly, honey contains boron, which helps to regulate estrogen and testosterone. According to statistics, these hormones and your sex drive have an inverse relationship, meaning when one increases, the other decreases. So, the higher these hormones are, the more down for the D you are. (And you thought you’d never use your statistic knowledge from college again.)

4. Coffee

Coffee provides you with the much-needed energy boost to keep up with your partner and increases your heart rate and blood flow. The more blood flow to your nether regions means a more pleasurable experience for you. So if anyone can hook me up with a Starbucks sponsor, that would be greatly appreciated.


5. Pistachio Nuts

These nuts have been found to help men with their nuts erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow. If you’ve ever been with a guy who has an inability to hold an erection on the high holy days difficulty keeping it up, try bringing pistachio ice cream into the bedroom (while role playing Serena and Nate’s kitchen sex scene? Just a suggestion). You’ll help “build him up” without tearing down his ego. Although the study this research is based on was fairly small and the conclusions are not very strong, if you’ve ever been with a guy who’s had trouble getting it up, anything is worth a shot, trust me.

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