16 Progressive Interpretations Of Travis Scott Lyrics

When Travis Scott joined Beto O’Rourke on the campaign trail last week, many people were surprised that the rapper, who was once arrested for inciting a riot when one of his concerts got too rowdy, was getting involved in a serious political effort to unseat possible Zodiac Killer and definite asshole Ted Cruz. I, on the other hand, was deeply unsurprised and was in fact experiencing possibly the only positive emotion left to a saneci person in 2018: vindication. As I had always known, Travis Scott was not only a democrat, but an extremely progressive one. Clearly, I had been correct in assuming that when Travis rapped “Got new money, got new problems, got new enemies” on Stargazing, he meant he was donating to insurgent leftists running for office and beefing with Ted Cruz.

Because I want everyone to feel extremely righteous while listening to Astroworld and also want the Democratic Socialists of America to endorse Travis soon, I decoded the progressive messages hidden in his lyrics. Welcome to your exhaustive guide to Travis Scott’s leftist political leanings, as evidenced in the lyrics of  Astroworld and Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.

16. “I don’t wanna wake up” — Wake Up

Like all of us, Travis doesn’t feel like waking up to the incredibly depressing world we live in. However, because he is an activist, he wrote Wake Up to inspire people to get informed and start making change.

15. “Don’t do playgrounds, we do not swing sets (swing)/ Shawty got the K, don’t entertain threats” — NC-17

While at first glance this verse might appear to be about doing Ketamine with underage girls (NOT A GREAT LOOK), I believe it is actually an endorsement of universal pre-kindergarten.

14. “Had to summon the hoes (ay)/ Dodge the federal” — Who? What!

You might think this verse involves derogatory references to women and an implication that Travis is engaging in illegal activity and evading the law. I’m here to tell you he is cheering on the unprecedented number of women running for office this midterm season, along with the general democratic effort to elect politicians who will fight back against the current Republican majority.

13. “Had to buy a Visa, she from Moscow” — NC-17

This is a classic Trump diss in which Travis mocks the Donald for helping his immigrant wife and her family gain citizenship while rabidly opposing legal immigration.

12. “Kill the jealous with propane repellent/ Got me goin’ crazy” — Stargazing

I’m going to interpret this as a call to go after massive oil companies through forms of vigilante protest. I expect to see Travis at the next guerrilla action to turn off oil pipeline valves.

11. “I see you picked up all my ways, I feel responsible” Stargazing

Travis has clearly picked up on his influence on the youth, and wants to inspire them to follow his example not just in drinking lean, f*cking b*tches, and getting violent in mosh pits, but also in voting and holding radical progressive views.

10. “She said, ‘Where we goin?’ I said, “the moon”’ Sicko Mode

Travis wants Congress to ensure better funding for space exploration.

9.“Palm trees, oceans, fresh air, that can break your heart/ hmm-hmm (stop tryna be God) Stop Trying to be God

This melodic intro is basically the most poetic ode to our natural environment I personally have ever heard in a rap song, and also a serious request that Republicans stop playing God and wreaking havoc on nature until it is no longer livable for humanity.

8. “F*ck the club up, f*ck the club up (b*tch)” — No Bystanders

The title of this song is obviously an indictment of non-voters. F*ck the polling place up!

7. “All that cop harass sh*t, I might clip a sarge” — 5% Tint

Travis is objectively calling out racist police violence in this verse.

6. “Got a switch, gotta change up transit/ Still jumpin’ round move antsy” — 5% Tint

In the same song, Travis implores his elected officials to improve public transit. Watch your back, Cuomo.

5. “Yeah, crib built like a prison where that b*tch is gated” —Houstonfornication

Travis manages to call out the rampant economic inequality that leads to the existence of gated communities and the unnecessarily carceral nature of our justice system in one line! He’s truly a man that can do both.

4. “Bought the mansion on foreclose/No matter how many tickets your tour sold/….Too many doors closed cul-de-sacs and four doors/Still ended up at the North Pole” —Coffee Bean

Travis, at it again with the multi tasking – this time, connecting the 2008 financial crisis and consumerism to our societal destiny of climate apocalypse.

3. “Pick up the phone, baby (like brrr)/I know you’re home, baby (it’s lit!)” — Pick Up the Phone

I bet you thought Travis Scott’s first chart topping single was about a late night booty call, but it was actually about the importance of PHONE BANKING. Don’t question it.

2.“Mama told me don’t hate on the law/ Because everybody got a job/ Because everybody won’t be a star (real shit, real shit)” — Pick Up the Phone

Also, it got honest about the economic landscape and increasing unemployment.

1.“Never will I cheat on you/ Never will I commit treason” — Pick Up the Phone

Finally, unlike Trump, Travis Scott will never steal an election, collude with the Russians, or suppress the votes of a majority of his country’s citizens.

In conclusion, Travis 2020.

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