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Wait, Why Did Amber Leave 'Love Is Blind'?

Can someone please explain why two of my favorite Love is Blind season 6 girlies had to be emotionally tortured by a completely whack, compulsive liar finance man? (It’s devastating that we’ve all been there.) I didn’t need this on Valentine’s Day of all days. If you’re already on the rollercoaster that is this season, you know exactly which love triangle I’m referring to: Matthew, Amber, and Amber “AD” Desiree. May we never forget that even from behind a wall, men are the most toxic creatures alive. But, what exactly happened to make Amber leave Love is Blind season 6?

Matthew did his very best to get sympathy from America, going on and on about how he’s just an innocent country boy who’s awkward and scared. Yeah, I didn’t buy it for a second. He shows his true colors by the end of the first episode when viewers see how he’s been sloppily playing Amber and AD. Although AD somehow found the will to stick around and continue the wild journey, Amber understandably dipped. Allow me to shed some light on the messy matter. 

Matthew Two-Timed Amber And AD

Matthew, who just has such a hard time connecting with women, miraculously managed to form *a very similar* connection with two women. He told both Amber and AD that he wanted to ask their fathers’ permission to propose to them, and he said to them both that he wanted to leave the show with them whenever they were ready. (How was that gonna logistically work if they both agreed to the plan?) Shockingly, Amber and AD figured out what was happening pretty swiftly after filling each other in on their dates with him.

Amber Is a Girl’s Girl Through And Through

Amber may be 30, but she speaks with a slight Gen Z accent, and we love that for her. “Excuse me, ma’am, I need you to be so forreal with me right now,” she said to AD when she first learned about the scandal. She added, “Yeah, I’m gonna live out my worst fears. Slay.” After a bit of processing, Amber apologized to AD and told her she feels like a “dick” even though she didn’t do anything wrong.

She asked the question that there are either no answers to or infinite answers to, depending on who you ask: “What the actual fuck is wrong with men?” Amber, who’s obviously a girl’s girl queen, told AD that she loves her and figured it was the right time to “bow out” of the unique dating process. Wishing all the best for this angel. 

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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