White Pieces You Need To Wear Before Labor Day

White is summer’s official color for many reasons: one being that I said so, and two, because it’s bright, crisp, and refreshing for hot weather. If worn correctly, it doesn’t necessarily always make you look fat, I swear. Wearing white kind of fools everyone into thinking you are classy, possibly as smart as a doctor, and bold AF because wearing white is like, taking a major social risk. If you plan on wearing white pants and drinking anything that isn’t clear, good fucking luck not making it look like you peed or got your period at the worst time possible. And if you wear them while riding the crimson wave, you must honestly be Beyoncé. Since we’re already halfway through the summer (sorry for bringing it up), you might as well wear white while you can before the temperature drops and your wardrobe morphs into all black everything. How fitting. These sleek AF white pieces are worthy of outfit repeating before we all get depressed that summer’s over so like, get them now.

1. NBD x Revolve Seduire Bodysuit

I’m not even kidding when I say I wear my white bodysuit more times than I can count, and each time, I still get an overwhelming amount of likes that really boost my self-confidence. This really fucking cute bodysuit features an off-the-shoulder fit (an obvious summer fashion staple) and bell sleeves for an effortless touch. You can wear it with your fave mini skirt or dark high waisted jeans to bring out your fresh tan.

2. Free People Turismo Wrap Dress

I wish I could tell you that wearing a LWD makes you somewhat more innocent and sweeter but all it will do is make you look like such at a family BBQ, and appear slightly more tan than you really are in all of your Instas. Regardless, owning a white dress is as essential as your LBD for tropical vacays and summer nights out on the town.

3. Tibi Jane Cropped Bootcut Pant

Anything that I can get the most out of is a winner in my book. Although wearing white pants is most likely not your first choice, a perfect pair such as these are ideal for days you want to shop until you can’t hold any more bags, or for when you strive to be the most fashionable employee in your office. Pair with pumps and a striped bardot top, and you won’t regret wearing white pants again.

4. Rebecca Minkoff Stevia Skort

Similar to white pants, a classy white skirt is really underrated. With the right block heels, your legs will look as long and tan as ever so maybe you’ll be mistaken for some low-key model. This secret skort (because middle school is fashion) laces up the side while hugging your waist for the skinny illusion you’ve been dying to have for the past month.

5. Pixie Mood Jane Wallet Crossbody

The best kind of purchases are when you get 2-in-1, fucking obviously. This white cork-accented crossbody reminds me of all that is good in life—summer, simplicity, and rosé that I need stat. Make this your new going out bag for taking only the important shit you need. White goes with just about any color so if you need to throw this in something a little bigger, take off the straps and there you go. A brand new wallet, too.

6. Alexandre Birman Clarita Jeweled Leather Block Heel Sandals

The limit does not exist for the number of pairs of block heels you can own. Having a bedazzled crisp white pair is a must-have this season. You can strut these to all of the weddings you don’t have a date for yet, or just wear with your fave jeans and comfiest T-shirt for running errands. This way, everyone knows you still look hot when grocery shopping at Whole Foods.