The Best Netflix Stand-Up Special To Watch Based On Your Mood

Netflix does a few things really well, and one of those things is pumping out some must-see stand-up specials. The other is providing a paper-thin reasoning for inviting a guy over to your place instead of going through the trouble of planning an actual date. Put them both together, and you may actually have an enjoyable hookup on your hands. Rare for this day and age. Even if you’re not looking for an excuse to invite over a potential mate, Netflix stand-up specials are great if you’re not ready to sit down and binge an entirely new series or if you just watched 13 Reasons Why and now everything seems really depressing and you just need a laugh. Here’s what to watched based on your current mood, so that you can make use of your valuable Netflix and Chill time, with or without a guest.

You’re Ready For A Girls’ Night: Iliza, Confirmed Kills

Iliza, formerly Iliza Shlesinger, balances the perfect amount of real talk and just straight-up funny jokes. Like, she touches on some issues that affect women, but she isn’t totally preachy about it. It’s like hanging out with the funniest girl at book club all night—she keeps it real but keeps you laughing. If you remember, she’s the comedian who came up with the concept of “the party goblin”, that part of your inner psyche that comes out when you’ve had too many vodka sodas. Anyway, she’s funny, she keeps it light and moving. It’s best to watch if you need to prep for girls’ night out or an upcoming bachelorette party. Her material will be all too real.

You’re Feeling The Burden Of Being A Millennial: Aziz Ansari, Live at Madison Square Garden

The best thing about Aziz, whether he’s acting as Tom in Parks and Recreation or Dev in Master of None, is that he really captures what it’s like to be part of the greatest generation in a super silly, yet pretty realistic way. Yes, I just referred to millennials as “the greatest generation”. Suck it, baby boomers. Aziz tackles online dating and what it’s like to need to Google and Yelp everything before you can make a decision on what to do during the day. If you feel like being a youth is really weighing on you right now, this is the one to watch.

Tom Haverford

You’re Feeling Nostalgic: Dave Chappelle, Dave Chappelle

You probably remember Dave Chappelle from your high school years, or maybe even earlier, and you definitely remember every boy in your class quoting Chappelle’s Show (“I’M RICK JAMES, BITCH!!!”) It was the Key and Peele before Key and Peele. (Dave casually mentions that in his Netflix special and it’s so accurate.) We haven’t really seen much from Chappelle lately because he, like, went crazy a few years ago and took a pause from doing comedy stuff. Well, now he’s back with a two-part special and the same tone of jokes that were popular in 2006. Also, I guess this was shot like a couple years ago so some of the material is a little dated.

You’re Feeling Nerdy: John Mulaney, The Comeback Kid

Real talk, you may or may not develop a crush on John Mulaney throughout the course of this special, so if you’re unsatisfied with the men in your life, this may also be the special for you. He’s got that nerdy-hot thing down pat, and it doesn’t hurt that his stand-up is laugh out loud funny. It’s not particularly crass, he doesn’t swear a ton, and he isn’t raunchy about sex. If this special was a high school boyfriend, it’d be the one that your parents liked the most, but somehow that doesn’t really bother you too much.

You’re Feeling Sexy: Ali Wong, Baby Cobra

Yes, Ali Wong is super pregnant during this special. But, don’t let that deter you from thinking there’s a lot of sex talk up in this. I mean, I’m pretty sure she talks about popping Plan B like Skittles—kind of ironic because she is pregnant, but like, I’m pretty sure her baby was on purpose. Anyway, if you’re interested in some baby-making stand-up, this is the way to go. Sure, male comics talk about their sex lives all the time, but do you really want to hear another bald, fat, 40-something talk about how much he masturbates? No, thank you. Go with this instead.

You Just Want To Cuddle And Laugh: Mike Birbiglia, Thank God For Jokes

The great thing about Mike Birbiglia’s comedy is that he’s probably the best storyteller out there. His stand-up kind of meanders around a central story, but there are some great punch lines and one-liners spread throughout. If you never thought a joke about The Muppets could be genuinely funny, you need to watch this. Sure, he has a dad bod, but he’s still kind of sweet and endearing, especially when he talks about his wife. Unlike a lot of other male comedians, you probably wouldn’t feel freaked out being in a room alone with him. That’s high praise these days for just seeming like a genuinely good dude.

You’re Okay With Being Emotional: Neal Brennan, 3 Mics

If you didn’t know, Neal Brennan is a skinny white dude who used to be Dave Chappelle’s writing partner on Chappelle’s Show. So, if you were a fan of that, you’ll probably be a fan of this. There are literally three mics in the special: one for one-liners, one for actual stand-up and one for emotional stuff. He tackles the shitty issues like dealing with depression and anxiety and having a bad relationship with his dad. It might not all be laugh out loud funny, but it will get you thinking and stays pretty entertaining. Just don’t go into it thinking you’re going to get a pee-your-pants kind of laugh fest.