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Jambo! You may have noticed things around here are looking a little differently. You’re not imagining it. The new logos, design, and layout you’re seeing across all Betches platforms is part of our new rebrand. We explain everything in Forbesand here are a few excerpts.

In 2011, Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein and Aleen Kuperman, were seniors at Cornell University when they set up Betches as a WordPress blog. From the beginning, Betches published content catering to women ages 18 to 24 who are “edgy,” who speak their minds, and who are unapologetic about their beliefs and opinions.

Initially, the blog strived to deliver a female counterpunch to “fratire” humor, which at the time was popular among young males. The subgenre managed to both deprecate and glorify “bro culture,” with references to binge-drinking and misogyny. The Betches humor spoke to the “anti-alphamale,” but also jabbed at the “nicegirl” through its commentary on celebrities, fashion and relationship advice. Today, it also publishes beauty, lifestyle and political news for female millennials in a snappy and sarcastic tone. With recent articles covering DACA and cryptocurrencies and a column titled “Please Don’t Invite Me To Your Gender Reveal Party,” its voice has remained consistent.

[Today,] Betches is building a bigger and better site, part of a brand overhaul that kicked off today.

[T]heir 2018 goal is to create as a hub for its media properties, including podcasts, video, e-commerce and more.

The revamp will also include touch-ups to brand aesthetics, with a bolder logo and a cleaner web motif accented by a softer millennial pink. The co-founders say they wanted something fresher and more mature. They’re also launching verticals, including a politics newsletter [called The ‘Sup].

“We’re investing in our website because we believe we really have a unique perspective on pop culture, style and more,” says Kuperman. “That’s why people are returning to our site.”

We hope you agree the new site is like, really pretty. While you’re here, check out some of our brand-new sections, like the podcast page where you can listen to recent episodes of Betch Slapped, U Up?, and The Betchelor, and our video section featuring all our hilarious original videos!

Read the full article at Forbes.


The Betches
The Betches
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