Thanksgiving In Retrograde: Your Weekly Horoscopes For November 19-23

Time to give thanks for the Sagittariuses in your life. Er, well, maybe not considering there’s a whole lot of action in that sign that could really mess things up for you. The Sun moves into Sagittarius this week. Oh yeah, and Mercury is in retrograde in Sagittarius. There’s no chance in hell your Thanksgiving travel plans get carried out smoothly. Here are your weekly horoscopes for November 19-23:


The Sun moving into Sagittarius inspires you to take on some studious qualities. You’ll be inspired to learn, expand your horizons—heck, maybe you’ll even pick up a book over Thanksgiving break. Better start downloading now—Mercury in retrograde affects your travel houses the most, so you’ll probably have a lot of downtime to catch up on audio books and the podcasts you’ve been missing out on while you wait in traffic, on the train, or in the airport.


During the next four weeks, while the Sun is in Sagittarius, your desire to really get your hands dirty will increase. As, like, a super tactile sign, you’ll want to feel your way through the world. Take a pottery class or get a hobby that requires more than a password and a subscription. Even if your hobby this week is just eating, maybe you can find a new way to use a knife and fork or something.


All the signs camped out in Sagittarius are sitting directly opposite your sign. Even though Mercury is in retrograde there too, it’s really not as bad as you think. Just remember that it’s best not to go at it alone. Rely on your friends and family for support and advice. Start building good karma. Like, you don’t need to be so stingy with your Instagram likes. Toss out a few for somebody’s baby or family or generic Thanksgiving post and you’ll save up some karma when your next post is doing just OK on the ‘Gram.


In the next four weeks, you’ll be more motivated to get organized throughout all aspects of your life. You might even consider getting a planner for the new year. Sure, you might forget it exists by Valentine’s Day, but for a little while you have the potential to not forget appointments and assignments. Better yet, just make it a goal to get better at checking the calendar in your iPhone. Easy enough, right?


Sure, Mercury in retrograde could cause a few hiccups for you, but you’re taking everything in stride. This is actually not a bad time for you at all. You’re investing in fun, romance, hookups, spontaneity and basically all those good traits that make a Leo a Leo. You know? Since you have all this goodness around you, feel free to share the wealth. Be the first to buy a round or pay for the appetizer. People will be jealous your life is going better than theirs. Better buy them off while you have the chance.


Home and family are your focus this week. Like, no kidding it is Thanksgiving after all. But really, you’ll probably feel more like nesting, hanging out with people you actually care about, and keeping things private. It’s fine to duck out of the spotlight for a bit. I mean, we all know social media posts during the holidays get less likes because people are too busy with their own stuff to care about your life. So lay low and screenshot and scroll like the low-key troll you are.


Things become more meaningful for you as the Sun moves into Sagittarius. You’re at risk of catching feelings in a relationship you originally thought was pretty casual. Since your personal tempo is picking up, you might be too busy to even realize it’s happening. Then, all of a sudden, you’re browsing wedding dresses on Pinterest and all your suggested posts on Instagram are of engagement rings. Better keep your guard up.


The next four weeks will have you focusing on the practical. That’s not super exciting, but you can thank the planets camping out in Sagittarius, a very practical sign, for that. Don’t be surprised if, when your grandma slips you some cash during Thanksgiving, your first thought is to pay off some credit card debt or put it in savings. Gross! Who even are you these days?!


Happy Birthday, betch! The Sun plus your ruler Jupiter and Mercury retrograde are all in your sign. The Sun is your source of energy, giving you a chance to rest and recuperate for the rest of the year. You would do well to ask for gift certificates to a spa as a birthday gift. Looking your best will come in handy as you need to make a good impression on others. Watch yourself, though. Even though you are number one this month, being too self-centered will not serve you well during a time of Mercury retrograde.


Your personal year is coming to an end as the Sun is hiding in your chart. This is a great time to lay low and focus on yourself. It’s actually perfect timing because you can use that as an excuse to not run errands with your mom while you’re home for Thanksgiving. Risk running into an ex or people you went to high school with while Mercury is in retrograde? Um, yeah, I don’t think so.


You’re the most social of all the signs. In the next four weeks, you’ll being using that trait like no other. You’ll have opportunities to schmooze and network. With Mercury in retrograde, it’s likely you’ll come face to face with somebody that you used to know. It might not be an ex, but it certainly could be. Better start that bone broth diet ASAP after Thanksgiving so you’re always looking your best.


The grouping of planets in Sagittarius takes place at the top of your chart. This draws your focus to your career and place in society. It’s best to set a goal to raise your personal profile during the next four weeks. With the Sun at the top of your chart, you’ll be in the spotlight for people of power and position. Use this flattering light to earn favor with bosses, professors and the VIPs who could help you get what you want. Start working now. You only have so many years to get a 30 under 30 award.

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