Here Are Your Weekly Horoscopes For November 19th-25th

Just to put it on your radar… again… because yes, I am that person. Mercury goes into retrograde at the beginning of December. If you have to get some important shit done that you don’t want ruined by the planets, you should get it done in the next two weeks. This week, the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Prepare for a time of transition this week. You know, like trading in your light jackets for winter coats. Watch out for the weird, old Kleenexes you left in the pockets.


Things are overall looking pretty positive for you in the next four weeks, as the Sun moves into a fellow fire sign. The placement of the Sun gives you a lot of awareness and direction. That means when your grandma asks you what you’re doing with your life on Thanksgiving, you’ll have a pretty fucking compelling answer. The best part: You’ll actually believe yourself when you say your plans aloud.


People have probably told you that you have bouts when you can be a little bit—okay, a lot—extra. Tell those people to hold on to their fucking hats, because the next few weeks are going to be intense for you. Emotionally, physically, mentally. All of it. Nothing stays casual for long, so if someone can’t handle you at your worst, they need to move on, because you’re definitely going to be acting up like this again in the near future.

Emotional Rollercoaster


The Sun in Sagittarius means it’s directly opposite your sign. Does that sound good for you? No. Because it isn’t. Since you’ll be metaphorically reaching for more sunlight, you’ll feel like everything you really want is just out of your reach. Don’t let that get too fucking depressing for you. Take it as a sign to stop trying so damn hard. Things that seem out of your reach probs won’t bring you happiness, so unless it just falls in your lap, just say pass.


The Sun entering your sixth house heightens your desire to figure your shit out. Whatever aspect of your life feels out of control or disorganized is the area you need to focus on most. At the same time, don’t start any big projects this week, though. It can wait until you’re done getting sloshed on the expensive wine your parents bought and eating leftovers for four days. Yeah, next week is a much better week to actually get your shit together.

Get Your Shit Together


Like Aries, you’re a motherfuckin’ fire sign. So the Sun in Sagittarius makes you adjacently blessed. God love ya. If you really have a goal, like hooking up with that hot guy in the finance department or getting a fat raise like the boss you are, this is the week to go for it. 1) Mercury isn’t in retrograde yet, and 2) obstacles seem to disappear right before your eyes. Good for you.


The focus of your life is taking a swing this week as the Sun moves into Sagittarius. If you thought your purpose in life was weekend mimosas and leisure, you might be in store for a shock when you happen to realize you’ll actually need to work. If you thought you were solely career-focused, you might realize you actually want a family and babies more than you thought. Ew. Anyway, prepare for a change in perspective and keep the vodka handy to deal with those realizations.

Realizing Stuff


As the Sun zooms into Sagittarius, you’ll feel your life become a little more fast-paced too. Like, you’re usually busy AF during the Holidays, but this year it will feel like you’ve been kicked into overdrive with what’s on your plate. Don’t freak the fuck out or anything. It’s sure to be really fun. Best advice: Stock up on ugly sweaters now.


The Sun creeps out of your sign this week like you creep out of the apartment of a bad one night stand. You had your time in the sun, but that doesn’t mean the party is totally over. Sure, like most signs, you might be a little more pensive and reflective about your choices this week, but you also might realize all your choices have been fucking awesome and you’re really living your best life.

Rachel Lindsay


The Sun slides into your sign this week and casts you in a favorable glow for the next month. Noice. It boosts your energy, your confidence, your cup size…? Okay, maybe not that last one, but everything else is going to be awesome. Mercury is also in your sign this week, making you talkative and more likely to collaborate with others. This comes at such an opportune time, because, like, maybe getting stuck talking to your weird cousin’s boyfriend on Thursday won’t be so bad.


Since the Sun is not entering your sign for a month, this is your time to hang back and just be low-key for four weeks. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent. Think of this as a time to define your goals and give yourself firm deadlines to meet them. Like, sure, you really want to lose three pounds, but when? Maybe you want to actually cook the food you have delivered in the expensive-ass meal subscription service you drunkenly signed up for. See, make some goals, figure out a deadline or some shit.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


You’re probably the most likely out of your friends to take an online personality quiz. You’re just fascinated with what makes people tick. Even if you don’t consider yourself a total extrovert, this week, you might find yourself being more social than usual and weirdly caring about what others have to say. If Kim Kardashian has taught us anything, it’s that intel and receipts are important. Keep mental notes of what people say and do around you this week, and it’ll serve you well in the future.


The Sun is slowly crossing your chart, so much like the Sagittarius betch, a lot of new attention is coming your way. Best part of all, you don’t have to put in any effort to look really great to everyone else. Lucky you. Advance the fuck out of your agenda in the next four weeks. If you don’t know what your agenda is, take a week or two to figure that shit out and go from there.


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