Change Is In Store Whether You Like It Or Not: Weekend Horoscopes May 18-20

This weekend, if you’re still talking about the Laurel/Yanni debate, it’s time to find a hobby and instead focus on what the stars have in store for you this weekend. Since Uranus changed signs this week, you could be in for some changes too. Like, now, instead of ordering your water with lemon, you might find yourself ordering the lemons on the side. Wow. Groundbreaking stuff here. Anyway, let’s see what the weekend horoscopes May 18 – 20 have in store. We’re not at Memorial Day weekend just yet.


Uranus is giving you the expertise to navigate life’s twists and turns. When you’re in a new neighborhood checking out a rooftop bar this weekend, you’ll be more likely to drunkenly guide yourself and your friends home—or to the nearest Taco Bell.


This weekend is about breaking habits for you. As a Taurus, you love patterns and regularity. Breaking out of your regular MO isn’t easy for you, but once you find your stride you’ll be unstoppable. Order a new drink one night this weekend, try a new restaurant, go without a bra. The world of innocuous risks is your oyster.


Mercury’s angle to Saturn this weekend will have you doing some profound thinking. Even though there’s something serious on your mind, work it out on your own. Don’t go to your friends for advice. Like, one of them keeps hooking up with her fuckboy ex. Another of your friends has a credit card debt problem. Do you really think these people can solve your existential crisis? Yeah, right.


Warren Buffet said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” You can follow the advice from some rich old white guy or you can say fuck it and do whatever you want this weekend. Uranus used to be guiding you in your house of career and reputation. Since it’s moved, that bitch doesn’t have you under her thumb anymore. Just go with what you feel instead.


You have a lot of practical knowledge to share this weekend. It’s time to take someone younger or new under your wing to show them the ropes. Keep your lessons simple and to the point. Generations to come can benefit from you sharing your technique for flawless eyeliner every time or the best drink to order to get you fucked up while not looking like an alcoholic.


Before, Uranus was is independent Aries, causing you to experience a lot of weird, unpredictable behavior from others. Now that the planet has moved, you’ll be able to use what you learned from those strange circumstances. Things that used to phase you will seem completely irrelevant now. Your lack of fucks to give will give you an advantage in the boardroom and the bedroom.


With change in the air for a lot of other signs, you may find your tactics for getting what you want from others aren’t quite working how they used to. Mars clashes with Uranus in your house of self-expression, making your antics a little harder to swallow. Either change how you deal with others this weekend or be content to hang out alone.


As a Scorpio, it’s not always easy to say how you feel. You’d rather just give someone the silent treatment than express your feelings to them. This weekend, though, alignment between expressive Mercury and steadfast Saturn can make it easier to discuss something on your mind. Time to tell your boyfriend his Batman boxers kill your lady boner.


Let’s be real, you had a lot of fun with Uranus shaking things up in areas of romance, fun, adventure, and entertainment. But that time has now come to an end. Uranus has moved on, and so should the rest of your ass, pun totally intended. It’s time to buckle down and get a little more focused. I mean, after the weekend, of course.


There’s more to you than meets the eye, and your hidden side will come out a little more this weekend. Tell those close to you to expect the unexpected. Your personality isn’t changing, you’re just letting who you really are show through. That’s great, unless who you really are is someone who rides mechanical bulls or picks sad songs at karaoke.


Be prepared to get called out on your shit this weekend. Mars squaring off with Uranus in your domestic realm makes it easy for friends, partners, and family to come forward with their grievances. So, yeah, you might feel like you’ve got a target on your back, but no one is buying your “I’m so innocent” act right now.


Mercury synching with Saturn in your friendship zone means someone is looking out for you this weekend. You should take their advice. It might even be a friend you haven’t heard from in a while or someone who lives far away. With innovative Uranus now traversing the realm of communication and intellect, who knows? You might even get a FaceTime call to work without it freezing a million times.

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