Here Are Your Weekend Horoscopes For December 8th-10th

We’re in the midst of Mercury in retrograde, and Christmas is still two weeks away. If there was ever a weekend to instruct your bartender to “Just fuck me up,” it’s this one.


The Moon-Jupiter clash in your romance and recreation houses has you hankering for something wild this weekend. Because Jupiter is your most dramatic friend, be prepared to be your most indulgent self this weekend. You’ll drink too much, eat too much, and spend too much. Basically, you’re living your best life.


This week at work/school was low-key stressful AF. You’re wrapping up a lot of big projects and shit, so this weekend needs to serve as your release so you can make it through next week. Jupiter has you in a generous and giving spirit. It’s time to pony up and put the shared flatbread on your tab at happy hour on Friday.


The Moon-Jupiter combo actually has you in a pretty decent mood heading into the weekend. Don’t let that can-do attitude get you in over your head this weekend with signing up for shit. Jupiter’s influence will make you more likely to say yes to an 8am hot yoga class, if someone asks, so make your weekend mantra “say no to plans.”


The Sun in your money house could send you on a spending spree this weekend. I mean, sure, you have to buy gifts for other people to prove you’re not a selfish bitch, but you might want to strongly consider if the person is worth the price tag. Don’t buy someone shit if they’re not going to return the favor with an equal or pricier gift. That’s, like, the first rule of giving.


You’re not exactly shy when it comes to telling people how it is, but your need to prove a point is getting on the nerves of someone close to you. Say that one last thing on your mind this weekend, and then don’t bring it up again. Remember, people are less likely to buy you super nice presents if you’ve been a huge nag lately.


You’ve been super great about burying a certain feeling underneath stress, being busy, and booze. The Moon fucking with Jupiter to start the weekend can trigger an emotional rush. So like, just watch out for that as you’re guzzling red wine and texting your ex. Blame the planets for your moment of weakness, obvi.


Things are getting fucking fancy this weekend. The Moon in your social house and Jupiter pushing your creativity means you’re the one coming up with some extravagant plans for the whole crew. It’s a good weekend to reconnect over mimosas and spa shit because the Sun-Moon aspect will bring a bunch of clarity to what all your relationships mean to you.


The Moon in your career house is basically putting all your focus on your fulfillment in the workplace. If you’re super passionate about working, you probably aren’t crawling toward the weekend by Wednesday each week. Examine how much you give a shit about making the most out of your weekends, because that will tell you if you’re actually happy with work, right?


As a Sagittarius, you’re all about evaluating your options, because you never want to miss out on a chance to live your best life. The Moon in confrontation with Jupiter can make it hard to really narrow down what your next move should be. Since the planets are totes against you, don’t worry about it this weekend. Do fun shit and worry about the grand scheme of things on Monday.


A connection between a few planets can force you into realizing you have some emotional/sexual needs that just aren’t being met in your current relationship. If your partner can’t get you off, maybe you need to try to bring it up this weekend or be willing to try something new. If it’s not clicking in the bedroom because it’s not clicking IRL with your SO, it’s time to call it off.


The Moon transitions into romantic Virgo to start the weekend, which can mean you’re more into chilling at home Friday night than going out. The position of the Moon, though, is in prime placement to give you great clarity. You’ll need that clarity so you can make the best choice when picking out what six-dollar wine to drink from the grocery store.


You’re in a really good flow heading into the weekend. You accomplished the shit you needed to accomplish during the week. The Moon transitioning to Virgo on Friday afternoon ignites your desire to form a closer bond in the most important relationship to you rn. Pay attention to who you text back this weekend. A text back means you care.