What To Wear To An Engagement Party

Spring is all fun and games until you get that pretty little invitation in the mail or a random “GUESS WHAT” text from a girl in your sorority that you rarely talk to anymore. “Shit” is right. Before you know it, you’re invited to engagement parties left and right, and you can’t just like, say no, because they’re your friend. Besides, there will be bottomless mimosas. Doesn’t sound so dreadful after considering the prospect of free Prosecco. There only leaves one fucking problem: What the fuck do you wear when you want to dress to impress 40 girls from college, but still look classy? I’ve done the work for you and included whatever it is that floats your boat. Here’s WTF to wear to an engagement party.

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1. ASOS DESIGN Satin Wrap Midi Skirt In Floral Print

IDK what it is, but brides-to-be fucking love flowers. You just can’t go wrong with anything that has a bright-colored floral print. Instead of an entire dress, make it separate with a really cute high-waisted floral skirt and pair with a neutral (or if you’re feeling risky, white) top.

2. Cynthia Steffe Gigi Twist Neck Lace Combo Fit-And-Flare Dress

Obviously, white, cream, ivory, off-white, anything at all close to white, is just a hard no. That’s like, the rules of feminism, honestly. However, you can do a basic millennial pink cocktail dress, because bitches just love that color when it comes to weddings. A fit-and-flare is also perfect if you want to keep things short (conversations, relationships, etc.), but still have fun and keep it playful.

3. Lulus Heavenly Hues Navy Blue Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses and skirts are always a good idea. They somehow make you look skinny, taller, classy, and elegant—everything that we all aspire to be and look like on a daily basis. If bright colors make you want to vom, but your mother would frown if you came down the stairs in black, stick to navy blue. It’s basically the same thing, tbh.

4. Bardot Gemma Lace Halter Dress

Lace is another fave for anyone going to a wedding-related event. It’s v formal without being over-the-top, but you can also totally get more than one wear out of it. Opt for a style that fits closer to a bodycon, because otherwise things will start to look weird and before you know it, you’re wearing something that resembles a full-blown tutu. Pastels look better with lace, IMO, so I’d stick with lilac, blush, or baby blue.

5. Nicholas Sleeveless Jumpsuit

If anyone tells you that you can’t wear a jumpsuit to an engagement party—or a wedding for that matter—unfollow them on Instagram because you seriously don’t need that type of negativity in your life. Jumpsuits are just as good and cute as dresses if you pick the right one, of course. A timeless black looks best with an open back, wide leg, sleeveless style. Add a pop of color in both your shoes and crossbody, throw your hair up, put on some lipstick, and call it a fucking day.

Images: Nastya Gepp / Pixabay;; ASOS (1); Lord & Taylor (1); Lulus (1); Bloomingdale’s (1); Revolve (1)