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Apparently Watch Choker Necklaces Are, Like...A Thing

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift totally stole the show at the Grammy’s with some new hardware around her neck: a watch choker necklace. Yup, you heard that right. It’s not just any old necklace; it’s a watch turned into a choker (and specifically set to midnight, which, of course it is). TBH, it’s giving early aughts and I’m here for it. Right now, if you’re itching to snag something similar for your own jewelry collection, Etsy is the place to be for the early 2000s trend. It’s packed with unique, handmade goodies, and that’s where you’ll find these gems for now. But, let’s be real, with Taylor setting the trend, it won’t be long before other brands and stores get in on the action.

And it’s not just watch chokers getting all the love. We’ve been seeing a lot of celebrities wearing chokers and they seem to be having a big moment in 2024 jewelry trends already. Think everything from those cute rosette chokers to super soft velvet ones, and even those bold pieces with huge charms like hearts. It’s like the ’90s all over again, but even better.

Taylor’s watch choker isn’t just a one-hit wonder; it’s part of the bigger comeback story for chokers. They’re all about mixing old-school vibes with a modern twist. So, keep your eyes peeled because this trend is just getting started. If you’re all about making a statement or just love adding a kitschy touch to your fits, the watch choker and its choker cousins are here to do it all.

Taylor Swift wearing a side part while accepting her Grammy at the 2024 Grammy Awards.
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Andrea Marie