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No, I'm Not Giving My Kids MORE Sugar On V-day But, TBH, I'm Still Getting Them Gifts

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and while candy has traditionally been the go-to gift (especially for kids, and TBH, me), it’s time to think outside the chocolate box. This year, parents are ditching the predictable sugar rush for more inspired last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that will have them forgetting all about those heart-shaped sweets.

The focus is on presents that spark joy, creativity, and maybe even a bit of learning (subtly, though, so the kids don’t catch on 🫠). From cuddly companions that promise endless hugs without the sticky fingers to gadgets and gizmos that ignite young minds with excitement, a new trend is emerging. It involves scouting for last minute Valentine’s Day gifts and creative activities for kids that promise to be a hit, far beyond the fleeting pleasure of a candy binge.

So, if you haven’t scored a V-Day gift for your littles ones just yet, Betches has got you covered. From viral Squishmallows, to games, silly putty, and even an early grooming kit for the boys, these are the best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. And don’t worry, they all offer 2-day shipping so you’re in the clear.

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Best last-minute V-Day gifts for kids

This paint book is genius (and honestly really fun)

Paint with Water Books for Toddlers

Something heart-themed that isn’t made of sugar

Valentine's Day Dot Markers Activity Book

A Squishmallow to add to their collection

Squishmallows Original 12-Inch Shelly Pink Strawberry Pancakes

Friendship bracelets, if they’re a budding Swiftie

Ronglry 7pcs Valentine's day Bracelet

Doodling for days

ZMLM LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board

I spy with my little eyes—but actually

I Spy Valentine's Day Book for Kids

A start to their jewelry collection

Hidepoo Colorful CZ Heart Initial Unicorn Necklace

An early years grooming kit

Every Man Jack Marvel Collectors Box Body Wash Gift Set

Colorful putty

Crazy Aaron’s Goodnight Cactus Hypercolor Thinking Putty

A custom neon sign for their ~cool~ room

SIGNCLUBS Custom Neon Signs for Wall Decor

The most fun flower bouquet ever

LEGO Cherry Blossoms Gift for Valentine's Day

Sweets, but not candy

Custom Cookies Valentine's Day Cookies Gift Basket Decorating Kit

Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie