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Ask a Betch: My Wedding Is Coming Up, How TF Do I Stop Sweating?

Q: Help, Betch! My wedding is coming up and I’m wearing a satin dress — and I’m *whispers* a bit of a sweaty gal. What do I do?!

A: First of all, congrats, Betch! Literally so excited for you, and let me be one of the 5,672 people to tell you that yes, all the stress and planning will pay off. Let me also be the one to tell you that I fully understand your pain as far as your little… uh, hydration issue goes.

I was worried about the same thing before my wedding (I mean… who isn’t?!) and ended up taking the plunge. Yup, I got Botox.

Now, let me preface this by saying that obviously, all brides are beautiful and if you’re not comfortable doing so before your big day, you absolutely, 100% do not need to do so. Got it? Got it.

So now that we’ve got that settled, I will say that my first Botox experience was truly a dream. I was admittedly kind of nervous to do so — baby’s first Botox after all! — but I kind of figured if there’s ever a time to try it, leading up to my wedding day is probably it. I hit up SkinSpirit on the Upper East Side, and it felt more like a luxury spa than anything else. The staff, including my doctor, Dr. Elizabeth, were so knowledgeable, accommodating, and answered all 500 of my questions. She even brought me a little ball to squeeze for each of the (trigger warning!) needle pinches. Necessary, TBH.

She explained how it would take about two weeks to fully kick in, and would last for up to six (!!) months. It does come with a high price tag — $1,450 to be exact — but in my view, it paid for itself since it lasts for so long. I’ve definitely noticed a lot less sweating in that area. If anything, I just do a quick spritz of deodorant and I’m good to go all day.

Ultimately, if it’s within your budget and you’re comfortable doing so, truly could not recommend Botox for hyperhidrosis more. Your sweaty wedding day pits will thank you (and if not, hey — that’s what clinical strength deodorant is for).

Samantha Rosen
Samantha Rosen
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