Anyone Who's Lived With A Roommate Can Relate To This Type Of Walk Of Shame

For many of us, the walk of shame is known as the embarrassing 10-block trudge home the morning after an unplanned, regrettable romp in some fuckboy’s sheets. Only a whisper of the winged eyeliner you’d perfected in your friend’s bathroom last night remains smudged under your eyes, the plunging bodysuit that seemed perfectly apropos at the club is screaming “thot” in the light of day, and you’re holding your stilettos just in case anyone who sees you still isn’t sure where you’re heading home from. But hey, we don’t think you have anything to be ashamed of—you had sex last night! And any judgmental jogger taking their dog on a run at 8am on a Sunday morning definitely didn’t. 

Even if you can find the silver lining of your post-coital stride of pride, though, the real walk of shame is sadly something much more common. We’ve all done the hurried—but not too hurried, or you’ll drop that plate of congealed pizza cheese—shuffle to the kitchen, holding a stack of dirty dishes and cups you’ve accumulated after a week of eating dinner in front of your laptop and falling asleep while catching up on all The Bachelorette drama. Sadly, this walk of shame does nothing to prove you’ve got game (kind of the opposite, actually). Watch our take on “The Ultimate Walk of Shame” below and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more content like this!

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The Betches
The Betches
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