I Lived It: I Thirsted Over Coriolanus Snow Despite His Psychotic Tendencies

When I was a teenager, The Hunger Games taught me that two truths can exist at once. I can both be on Team Peeta (like anyone who read the books!) while thirsting hard for Liam Hemsworth. (Still haven’t gotten over casting 5’5” Josh Hutcherson as the tall, stocky baker’s boy.)  

Now, as a grown woman, I’m faced with another complicated truth because of this dystopian franchise: Young Coriolanus Snow is hot as fuck. Do I know he’s going to grow up to become a tyrannical president who willingly participates in sending children to fight to death? Yes. Is his buzz cut kinda cute? Also yes. I contain multitudes!!!  

I’ll admit that I’m sacrificing my morals for a villain who looks like emo Malfoy. Still, while I’m not sure if my middle school self will ever forgive my depravity, at least it’s a guilt I carry with many others for many reasons. 

That Buzz Cut 

I mean, he’s giving off Eminem energy but I’m not mad about it. 

The Deathly Combo Of Blond Hair And Baby Blues

Sure, his blue eyes are cold and full of hate by the end of the movie, but I would still swim in them. 


My therapist is gonna have a field day with this one. 

Suzanne Collins, I’d Like To Have A Word 

This is like Young Voldermort all over again. Fuck you, Tom Marvolo Riddle and your beautiful hair! 

A Lot Can Change In 11 Years

The last couple years have been rough, OK? Let me have this.

It’s A Shame We Must Carry

Don’t lie! We were all thinking it.

I Volunteer As Tribute, BB 

For real though. Hit me up, Snow. 

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte (she/her) leads the lifestyle and relationship content at Betches. As an amateur New Yorker and professional bisexual, she enjoys writing about the bane of sex and relationships in the city. She is also perpetually in her messy house era despite spending all of her money on Instagram ads.