Trump Is Causing Drama In The Middle East And You Should Know About It

Just when you thought shit had stopped popping off for one gd second, the president went and messed up the Middle East. Amaze. President Trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and plans to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Now obvs, any the Arab-Israeli conflict is like, muy complicado, but here’s why this shit is a BFD:

Why TF Does This Matter

President Trump is the first president to ever recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital since Israel was founded in 1948. This issue is a major shit-stirrer in the region because not everybody agrees that Jerusalem even belongs to Israel in the first place. By agreeing to have our embassy in Jerusalem, the U.S. is basically publicly taking sides in the debate, and if middle school cheer taught us anything, it’s that publicly taking sides always leads to problems.


Why TF Is The President Doing This Now?

Well, basically because he said he would do it during the campaign. Also, because he’s a messy bitch who lives for drama. The president also signed a waver to state that the embassy move won’t even take place for another six months, and potentially won’t happen until many years in the future. So basically, he’s stirring up a bunch of shit with his base and the Middle East for no fucking reason. Six words: messy bitch who lives for drama. What’s new?


WTF Is Everyone Saying About It?

Ever since Trump made the official announcement, Palestinians, and people all over the world, have been freaking the fuck out. If you can believe, a lot of people think Trump’s decision is a total dick move, and are calling out the US for making yet another mistake. UN Security Council members condemned Trump’s announcement, the head of the Arab League called Trump’s decision “dangerous and unacceptable,” and even Trump’s celeb crush BFF, Vladmir Putin, criticized this decish. Wow, drama.


WTF Happens Next?

Tbh, we might be in for a total shit storm. The plan has been dubbed by Palestinian authorities as the “kiss of death” for the peace process, and will also make it kind of hard for the U.S. to remain a “neutral mediator” in the debate if we’re basically wearing Israel’s friendship bracelet. On the bright side, this is going to make Middle East Peace Envoy/First-Son-In-Law/Soon-To-Be Felon Jared Kushner’s job more difficult, and that’s always a good thing.


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