Luann’s Ex Tom D’Agostino Is Reportedly Already Engaged To Someone Else

As much as I love it, there were a lot of things that were annoying af about Real Housewives of New York this season. Ramona being herself was at an all-time terrible. Sonja being a bitch to my girl Tins. And last, but certainly not least, Luann not shutting the fuck up about how much she loved Tom and being married and other romantic bullshit. That’s why it was at least semi-surprising when they announced their divorce just a few weeks after they filmed the reunion and Luann wore her goddamn rehearsal dress. Surprising that the guy who cheated on her with an ex and asked for a hall pass the day before his wedding wasn’t prince charming after all? No. Just that the countess didn’t try and save face for longer. And while we all thought this was drama was over and they would divorce civilly and next season would have the triumphant return of slutty single Luann, shit’s getting heated because Tom is allegedly already engaged to someone else, to which I must say…

Tom D'Agostino

The new unlucky lady is reportedly Anna Rothschild, a socialite, publicist, and most importantly, Luann’s “worst enemy” according to “sources” so I’m sure that’s a very legitimate, accurate claim. Apparently, Anna and Tom were friends for years aka they’ve screwed a lot and were first spotted out together again over Labor Day weekend, which was two weeks ago. Is this dude’s dick on fire or something? He gets engaged to Luann after a couple months and then dis bish after two fucking weeks? What’s your hurry, bro? And didn’t he and Luann call it quits because he can’t stop making out with people at The Regency? Why is he getting married again? Why male models? I have so many questions.

Another dagger is that the ring the new future Mrs. D’Agostino has been spotted with on her ring finger looks exactly like Luann’s. I guess it probs could be a new one and he just has an affinity for large canary diamonds, but I highly doubt that. I mean, taking the ring back? That’s low even for Tom.

Way Harsh Tai

And while all of this is fucking sucks for Luann and the human in me really feels for her, the miserable reality TV worshipper part of me is really excited to watch all this play out on my TV in… oh let’s say… 10 months?