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Tweets About The TikTok Ban That Will Make You Miss The "Renegade"

It’s a devastating and confusing day for the chronically online community in America. President Biden just signed a law that will ban TikTok unless the app is sold within a year. S0 no, that’s not just a disturbing rumor anymore. I’ve been doing a lot of screaming followed by deep breaths since the news came out. How the fuck am I supposed to face this cruel reality without my primary coping mechanism: TikTok? The app has been at the top of the social media hierarchy for years now, and it also happens to define most of my personality and humor. I’m already mourning my peaceful daily routine — rotting in bed, giggling at TikToks for five or more hours.

TikTok offers dance classes, astrology readings, concerts, cooking classes, Swiftie conspiracy theories, and Pookie and Jett fit checks in the comfort of your own home. It’s everything. It’s irreplaceable. And if anyone dares to suggest using IG reels instead, they can go enjoy being canceled. Naturally, TikTok lovers are upset and letting their feelings out on Twitter. As the end approaches, many of us are reflecting on the beginning of it all… the “Renegade.” Real ones spent the beginning of the pandemic era drilling that dance but never quite getting it right. Here are serious, emotional tweets about the TikTok ban that will have you crying and trying the “Renegade” again.

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost is an entertainment writer at Betches. As a teenage girl in her twenties, she spends her time stanning Olivia Rodrigo, baking cakes for award shows, and refusing to ever leave her Reputation era.