The Oscars Had Another F*ck-Up No One's Talking About

We’ve already discussed the colossal fuck-up from last night’s Oscars that will go down in history—awarding Best Picture aka the pinnacle achievement to the wrong fucking film—but now it turns out that there was another cringeworthy error made during the night. This was part of the “in memoriam” segment that pays tribute to people in the film industry that recently passed away, in other words a pre-recorded video requiring third grade PowerPoint skills that’s the same every year. You’d think it’d be impossible for anything to go wrong here, but much like Dakota Johnson’s dress, it was extremely insulting and embarrassing for everyone involved.

The Best Dressed At The Oscars & Who Needs To Try Sears

Basically what happened was that the segment displayed a picture of Jan Chapman, an Australian producer who *spoiler alert* isn’t dead. Some fucking idiot confused her with Janet Patterson, an Australian costume designer who died in October and was a four-time Oscar nominee. TBCH I don’t know who either of these people are, but someone who should probably know is the person who oversees the production of the fucking Academy Awards. Or they could’ve at least used Google Images rather than take a wild guess while high, which is clearly what happened.

Janet Patterson Vs Jan Chapman

The whole situation is v offensive to Jan and Janet, who both got absolutely roasted in what was supposed to be a moment of honor. Jan is now blasting her social media accounts and probably regretting all those nights she chose to stay in recently because a good amount of people legit thought she was no longer alive, and Janet got the shittiest memorial ever because no one in the Academy knew her well enough to realize that photo openly wasn’t of her. Overall this was just too savage on the part of the Oscars, and we hope this is peak award show awkwardness because we’re already out of Xanax for the year and it’s not even March.