The 'Love Is Blind' Couples Ranked By Who Will Actually Make It

Netflix wants us to believe they created the secret recipe to lasting love on Love Is Blind—lasting love found on a reality show, that is. But not every duo on the second season of Netflix’s reality dating show will last the test of time. Here are our official rankings of which couples have what it takes to make it to the altar and past the end of the reunion. Mild spoilers ahead if you haven’t started the series, but like, catch up.

Shaina and Kyle

Kyle Abrams, Shaina Hurley in season 2 of Love Is Blind

We can’t lie, we’re seeing a perfect future for these two. White picket fence, golden retriever, 2.5 kids, the full American Dream, y’all! Just kidding. You have to really not be feeling someone to leave an all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico, but that’s just what Shaina did. Netflix even gave Shaina her own hotel room and she still chose to leave—in her bathrobe, no less.

Kyle did not give up, though, and even went to meet Shaina’s family before she officially broke things off because he wasn’t “godly” enough for her. There is no hope of reconciliation for these two. So, ladies of Chicago, if you’re looking for a burly man who is willing to put differing religious views aside, probably to his own detriment, Kyle’s DMs are open. 

Mallory and Salvador

Mallory Zapata, Salvador Perez in season 2 of Love Is Blind

Sallory, Malvador, there are so many great couple names for these two. But that’s about all they’ve got. In the pods, Mallory chose Sal over Jarrette. But after accepting Sal’s proposal, things went downhill. Upon meeting face-to-face, Mallory was not attracted to Sal and we all felt it, even Sal.

In Mexico, things got awkward when Jarrette and Mallory saw each other for the first time. Sal saw the sparks fly between his fiancée and another man, but Mallory assured Sal that she wanted him. And we really want to believe Mallory. But no matter how many times Sal pulls out the ukulele, this just ain’t it. We don’t see these two saying yes at the altar—or, rather, we don’t see one of them saying yes. Mallory can’t keep lying to herself that Sal is the one. And love might be blind, but Sal is not. And he can see his fiancée does not want to marry him.

Shayne and Natalie

Natalie Lee, Shayne Jansen in season 2 of Love Is Blind

They do say opposites attract, and it is very safe to say these two are opposites. Shayne’s limitless enthusiasm is an interesting match to Natalie’s quiet wit, but they saw something we’re not sure we did. 

Post-proposal, they quickly worked through some communication issues. Shayne’s love language is clearly words of affirmation, so Natalie learned she must vocalize how hot she thinks Shayne is several times a day. Back in the real world, they also faced the wrath of Shaina, who tried, unsuccessfully, to tear them apart. Jessica who?

Obstacles have been overcome, but do they have what it takes to make it long-term? We give them a soft maybe. Shayne is a puppy who needs constant attention and Natalie gives off cat lady vibes with her sarcastic humor. We want these two to prove us wrong, but while opposites attract, they don’t necessarily sustain lifelong partnerships. 

Nick and Danielle 

Nick Thomas and Danielle Ruhl in season 2 of Love Is Blind

First off, let’s all give Nick a round of applause for being the gossip of the season. This man loves to spill tea, and we are here for it. But now to the couple. 

Nick and Danielle were the first proposal we watched in the pods. He was awkward and nerdy. She opened up about her body issues and anxieties. It was beautiful. But shortly after consummating their engagement in Mexico—in Nick’s words, “twice, in three different places”— their issues started. Danielle’s omnipresent anxieties and trust issues, Nick’s need for control, and an 8-year age gap led to many a tough conversation.

Nick wants to stay in and alphabetize his DVDs. Danielle is too young to own DVDs. But even with their differences, these two dweebs really love each other. We could see a future for them, if they continue to compromise and work on their trust issues. But, judging by his grimace and sweat levels, there is a strong possibility Nick says no at the altar, and Danielle goes home alone to her closet full of food-themed costumes.

Jarrette and Iyanna 

Iyanna McNeely, Jarrette Jones in season 2 of Love Is Blind

No one wants to come in second. And Iyanna was technically Jarrette’s second choice after Mallory turned him down. But we must move past that because these two get an A+ in chemistry. They can’t keep their hands off each other. They’re playful. And we’ve watched them work through some tough issues and have some raw conversations.

However, at home, the differences in their personalities emerged. Iyanna wants to stay in binging shows and cuddling on the couch. And Jarrette wants to go out, like really go out. But Jarrette, hear us when we say, no one needs to go out until 3am three times a week. Who has the stamina for that? 

If Jarrette can stop living his bachelor lifestyle and Iyanna can get past Jarrette’s initial connection with Mallory, their love will carry them to their wedding day and beyond. We have high hopes for a long-lasting love affair here. 

Shake and Deepti

Deepti Vempati, Abhishek Chatterjee in season 2 of Love Is Blind

Somebody give the Love Is Blind producers an Emmy for their editing of Shake. He was impossible to like at first. Somehow, he found a way to ask every woman her body size within the first five minutes of meeting them in the pods. Sir, the show is called Love Is Blind. Literally, go on any other dating show if you want to see a woman’s body before proposing. 

But Deepti—Deeps, as Shake calls her—tore down his walls. And with the help of Deeps, Shake had more character development in the pods than Harry Potter did in all seven books.  

Their initial face-to-face meeting was powerful. Shake grabbed Deeps’ ass and she was here for it. But then something changed. Shake loves this woman. She pushes him to be better, supports his career ambitions, makes him laugh, but—as he literally will not stop telling people, on camera no less—he is not physically attracted to her. And Deeps, who is literally oozing confidence and sex appeal, wants to be wanted. She wants a man that will grab her ass within five seconds of seeing each other for the first time. As should anyone!

Very hot take incoming, but I think these two can figure it out, they just need to get a little weird together: invest in some toys, try a little role play. They are built to last and will figure out how to figure each other out in the bedroom—or out of the bedroom. Get weird, you two! 

Vanessa and Nick Lachey 

Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey in season 2 of Love Is Blind
Image Credit: Netflix

We know they didn’t meet in the pods, but they are a couple on the show so it’s fair game. The Lacheys are completely unnecessary to the show; Love Is Blind doesn’t need one host, let alone two, for the audience to understand what’s going on. This is evidenced by the fact that Nick and Vanessa are shown like, four times the whole season just to reiterate that the premise is, in fact, “To prove if love is really blind!” 

But in the combined seven-and-a-half minutes of screentime, we got what we needed to believe in their love story. It could also be argued their decade-long marriage and three children are enough proof of their successful love story. Again, we must repeat that they are totally unnecessary to the show, but we are here for the Lacheys! So, we hope they take this Netflix paycheck to the bank and live happily ever after.

Images: AARÓN ORTEGA (2), Patrick Wymore/NETFLIX; Courtesy of Netflix 

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