This Teen Is Using Her Senior Project To Troll Mike Pence

Teens, they’re just like us! And by that I mean they’re also sick of our government’s shit. Tbh teens have been killing it lately,  from leading and participating in protests against gun violence to just generally letting their voices be heard in the political conversations happening in this country. It’s really inspiring, seeing as when I was a teen the only things I cared about were if my mom would give me a ride to the mall and if Kyle from my Earth Science class was going to be on AIM later. Anyway, the latest star teen is 18-year-old Erin Bailey of Columbus, Indiana, who is organizing a pride festival as part of her senior project. That’s right, she’s throwing a full on gay rave in the hometown of Mike Pence, who famously thinks if he looks into the eyes of a gay person he will turn to stone.

Erin Bailey was worried that the city wouldn’t be down for her queer fest, because, you know, Indiana. But to her delight, they have been supes supportive. Okay, Indiana, we see you. I guess it’s true, one should never judge a book by it’s homophobic, abortion hating, skim milk chugging ex-governor.

And here is the wildest part: Erin Bailey is a big enough person to publicly say that this event is not about Mike Pence or about her, it’s about the community. She’s selfless enough to not make this about the enemy or herself and, may I remind you, she is a teen. Again, when I was a teen I made sure going to visit grandma at the nursing home was somehow made about me. I’ve brought myself up continuously in this very article in attempt to make it about me, and I’m a 26-year-old functioning alcoholic grown ass woman. Also, can we just appreciate the boss move of doing something that will clearly upset Mike Pence and then not even giving him the satisfaction of saying it’s about him.

Actual footage of Erin Bailey facing off with Mike Pence:

Pence is claiming to be fine with the whole thing, even going as far as having a spokesperson release a statement in support of the festival saying he commends young people getting involved in politics. Okay, honey, tell that to the time you openly opposed gay marriage. Let’s see if he truly shows support by showing up to the festival, where Bailey says there will be vendors, food, educational booths, entertainment, and to Pence’s dismay – gay people. The festival will take place on April 14th, so mark your cals, Indiana. K, I’m going to go reflect on my teen years and feel bad about myself. Bye!

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