Sparkly Holiday Pieces That Aren't Tacky

It’s that time of year again, because yes, holiday season has officially begun. It’s the “most wonderful time of year” filled with mistletoe, eggnog, and sequins. Lots of sequins. Everyone and their mom is heading to their local Charlotte Russe to stock up on sparkly holiday pieces for all the festivities this season. But, news flash here, Charlotte Russe isn’t the best place to go for these pieces…unless like, you’re cool with your whole dress unraveling on the dance floor. But, you also don’t need to go buy bedazzled Gucci sneakers to look fashionable this season. You want to dress “sparkly” but in a classy chic way—not a reject from the Wet Seal sale section kind of way. Hopefully you understand the difference. But, just in case you don’t, here are the best sparkly holiday pieces that are chic af, and won’t break the bank.

1. Free People Fly Embellished Cami

This cami is feminine, pretty, and, with just the right touch of sparkle, perfect for all your holiday parties. It’s elegant, classy, and how freaking good does it look with this faux fur jacket? It’s that effortless holiday look we all strive for, but most of us never actually achieve because we’re too drunk off eggnog.

2. UO Sparkly Rainbow Ribbed Midi Skirt

The rainbow trend is supes in, but there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. And this skirt is totally the right way. It’s long enough to wear to the office party and still look HR-appropriate, but in like, a cool girl way, not in a G-rated, Amish girls’ big night out type of way. Ya feel?

3. by the way. Cat Sequin Jogger

I mean, Serena van der Woodsen (the queen of fashion) would def wear these joggers to all the fabulous holiday parties she’s invited to on the Upper East Side. She’d totally pair them with a sleek oversize blazer, strappy heels, and a fabulous clutch. Then, once at the party, she’d go get drunk and make out with Lonely Boy somewhere in the corner. Classic Serena. Not the getting drunk part, the making out with Dan Humphrey part #TeamNate.

4. ASOS Design Stripe Fringe Sequin Mini Slip Dress

Again, the rainbow trend is hot this season, and this dress does the trend in an elegant and sexy way. With a touch of cool-girl fringe in the most chic and least Coachella-esque way, this dress is your ideal holiday outfit. Dress it up with heels and a leather jacket. or dress it down by wearing the dress over a simple black turtleneck, paired with cute booties.

5. Silver Tie Waist Jacket

Make your holiday outfit a lot less basic this year with a sparkly menswear jacket. It’s the perfect combo of feminine, glam, and powerhouse vibes that you need this holiday season. And, considering Hailey Baldwin, I mean Bieber, has her name behind it, you know it’s fashionable af. Hailes would never steer us wrong. Well, except that one time when she and Justin were trying to hide their entire marriage from all of us, but I digress.

Add sparkly holiday pieces to your ~lewk~ this season but like, in a fashionable and classy way. All of these pieces are totally affordable and will guarantee you have the best outfit at the party. Now, your only job left is to find a presentable date and a nice bottle of champagne that you can actually afford. Sorry, I can’t help you with everything. Trust me, if I could, I would.

Images: @sofilesquerre / Unsplash; Free People; Urban Outfitters; Revolve; ASOS; Pretty Little Thing
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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