Shop Betches Is Having Our BIGGEST Sample Sale Yet — Up To 70% Off!

While the typical sample sale usually includes painfully long lines and fighting off some bitch trying to grab the last XS, the Shop Betches sample sale starts today and it’s all going down online, so you can shop in peace and get amaze deals without any Xanax required. (Unless you’re into that. We don’t know your life.)

With our best stuff up to 70% off on certain items and free shipping on all orders over $75, this is our biggest sale yet and you don’t wanna miss it, so pay attention. Whether you’re shopping for gifts, new accessories, or that Zen AF candle that your room literally needs, you’ll find them all on sale this week. Expect to see Shop Betches greeting cards, phone cases, totes, beanies, hats, candles, pillowcases, sweaters, and our trendiest tanks and tees.

Some of our fav items to watch out for are the Yasss Queen tank, the Ain’t No Follow Back Girl tee, the Wink & Lashes tee, the Still Drunk tank, and the Glow Me candle. I mean, these are just staples.

Don’t wait, because once these items are gone, they’re literally gone. Forever. We’re not bringing them back. Like, ever. So if you’ve been hovering over a Lashes tee or a baby onesie and you just haven’t pulled the trigger to check out, NOW IS THE TIME. You will literally never get another chance again to get this shit. I know that’s like, a lot of pressure or whatever. So like, maybe you will need that Xanax after all. Either way, now’s the time to be decisive.

Here’s a breakdown of our sale prices aka how much fucking money you’ll be saving.

$5 & Under

Everyday Betch Sticker

$3 Greeting Cards
$3 Sticker Sheets
$5 Phone Cases
$5 Undies


Get In Loser We're Going Shopping Tote

$9 Greeting Card Sets
$10 Totes
$10 Baby Onesies
$10 Beanies


Don't Make It Weird Shop Betches Cap

$12 Pillow Cases
$15 Sports Bras
$15 Caps/Baseball Hats
$15 Candles


Not Not Psycho Shop Betches Tee

$20 Tanks + Tees
$20 Dog Hoodies
$25 Pillow Case Set
$25 Sweaters

The sale is running from May 25th to the 29th, so cancel your plans and get your debit ready.

Get in loser, we’re going shopping. HEAD TO SHOPBETCHES.COM NOW TO SHOP THE SAMPLE SALE!