This App Lets You Swipe Right For Your Dream Job Instead Of Lame Pick-Up Lines

By Holly Hammond | January 24, 2019

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I really hate job hunting. It’s stressful and happens to me often, since I’m a freelancer and I’m hired on a by-project basis. It’s like, the second a relationship gets good, the project ends and I have to start looking all over again. On that note, I also really despise online dating, as every time I talk to someone I think is normal, I get emojis of a tongue. F*cking ew. Don’t imaginary lick me when I don’t even know you.

Fortunately, I care very little about dating and I care immensely about my career. Shapr is a new app that has combined the ease and convenience of a dating app but instead of getting unsolicited d*ck pics, you can now find dream jobs! It’s way better than LinkedIn where you can’t find anything useful and strange 60-year-old men send you messages like, “Hi Holly, I see you can help me out, I make specialized hardwood floors and I need a job”, and I’m like sir, my profile says I’m an artist/writer, unclear why you thought I’d be the one to hit up for this? Shapr gets rid of this problem by helping you network only with people also working in your chosen fields.


Shapr sets you up with 10-20 people in your area a day who work or have interest in your categories. You swipe right when you want to connect with someone and if they swipe on you too, you can send messages to meet up. It’s way better than going to super awkward networking events where you have to wear a name tag and make chitchat with people who seem to only be there because they also don’t have their sh*t together. It’s the blind leading the blind. Shapr also is on point with monitoring their users’ professionalism, so should men attempt to ruin this too (can we not have anything?), you just report their creeper asses and Shapr takes care of it.


Download Shapr here and be the #GirlBoss you’ve always dreamed of!

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Images: Juliette Fournier; Shapr (2)