Scott Disick Ditched Bella Thorne Already

Well, well, well. Earlier this week, we were all ready to call Scott Disick and Bella Thorne the next poster child of daddy issues hot couple, after they were seen together in LA and then displaying some PDA in Cannes, but it looks like the plot has thickened. Or, more realistically, it looks like Scott got bored.

Yesterday, the paparazzi noticed that Bella had disappeared, and taking her place in Scott’s greasy arms was some rando brunette. She looks like she’s probably a model, but who really knows/cares. We’ve always known Scott was a massive sleaze ball, but it’s pretty next level to bring a girl to the French riviera and then start hooking up with another chick while you’re still in France. Literally, the photos were taken at the same pool.

Bella is probably alone on a flight back to Los Angeles right now, looking out her window and wondering what she could have done to keep Lord Disick wanting more. Tbh at 19 years old she’s probably already a little old for him, or maybe she just doesn’t have a big enough ass. Either way, she might have dodged a bullet, but she also won’t be getting a reality show of her own. You win some, you lose some.

As for the rando girl that Scott appears to be boning now, we hope she has a good time in France, and she should probably get tested when she gets home. Scott will probably forget her name by next week (if he even knows it right now), and he’ll be back to inviting over questionable women while he keeps one eye on the kids. Seriously, why is he ever allowed to watch the kids? Oh yeah, because Kourtney is busy with her 24-year-old boxer. Life is wild.