Scandoval Easter Eggs Have Been Right In Front Of Us This Whole Time

For the past three weeks, all we’ve done is eat, sleep, and breathe Vanderpump Rules drama in the wake of Scandoval. In case you’ve been, I don’t know, living under a pop culture rock, let me be the first to bring you up to speed on the piping hot tea. 

Tom Sandoval, aka the number one worst guy in the group, cheated on longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix with her friend and fellow VPR star Raquel Leviss. And while *a lot* has ensued since news of the seven month-long affair broke the internet—like, ahem, that alleged punch—the current season is still airing. Thus, I did what any good journalist would do and rewatched the entire season (so far, at least) to suss out any Scandoval easter eggs. You’re welcome in advance.

While, sure, we don’t have all the facts and the timeline remains murky, here are all the clues Sandoval and Raquel were dirty, cheating liars all along: 

Um, That Cozy Pool Moment…


While  the affair *allegedly* didn’t begin until later last summer, things were already looking rather cozy between Tom and Raquel in the trailer. Did you see the way he was hanging all over her? Or how about that too close for comfort scene in the pool? Call me old fashioned, but I do not eye my platonic pals the same way Sandoval was looking Raquel (*cough, cough* Rachel) up and down in that water. 

When Scheana Brought Up Those Tom Schwartz, Raquel Makeout Rumors…

Remember when Scheana was all up in Schwartzy’s grill about the Coachella makeout rumors in episode 3? While our resident doormat wasn’t actually at the music festival, you know who was there? Sandoval, who was conveniently captured with Raquel on his shoulders. Maybe the eagle-eyed fan who submitted the hookup to DeuxMoi simply named the wrong Tom. Seems plausible to me. 


When Sandoval Told Raquel About His Party First…

James was speaking for all of us when he voiced his confusion over Sandoval and Ariana’s pool party. “That’s weird,” he said when Raquel casually mentioned the shindig at SUR and offered an invite to her ex-fiancé via Sandoval. Why is Sandoval inviting Raquel first? Why does Raquel feel empowered to extend the invite courtesy of Sandoval?

…And Then Fiercely Defended Her At Said Party.

The loyalty between Raquel and Sandoval (yes, I realize the irony of putting that word in the same sentence with those two) continues during the actual pool party. Tom, quite literally, screams at Lala in Leviss’ defense while his then-girlfriend bolts from the scene. “Ugh, Jesus! Like, dude, can you stop,” Sandoval yelled at Kent. “I can’t unsee the fucking bully that you were to her. For no reason! For no reason! To literally flex your fucking power.” 

Now ICYMI, there actually was a reason that Lala was coming for Raquel—and it’s because our dear hypocrite called Lala a mistress. Again with the irony![/embed]

When Raquel Was Clueless When It Came To Boundaries…

Now, if some of the sus interactions between these two didn’t tip you off already, maybe Raquel’s total lack of knowledge around boundaries should’ve been the clue. Sis straight up admits (on national television!!!!) that she just learned what they are—but clearly, never figured out how to apply them IRL.

Here’s the thing: Shady little Sandoval was the one to reportedly “teach” her. No wonder she didn’t learn. “I recently learned what boundaries are when Tom Sandoval said I should set [some],” Raquel said in a season 10 confessional. “I was like, ‘Pffft, what’s a boundary?’” K. 

…And Her Total Lack Of Respect For Relationships And Feelings.

While Raquel and Sandoval might not have hooked up prior to the shitshow Las Vegas trip, that’s exactly when she proves how little respect she has for her friends—and their relationships. She already tried (and failed) to make out with Katie Maloney’s (not even officially an ex) husband before going after SUR Vegas waiter Oliver the second Lala expressed interest. Katie calls it like she sees it. “I’m starting to see a pattern in Raquel. It seems as she’s only interested in men that her friends are married to or interested in, and that’s a big red flag to me,” she says in the confessional. 

After all this shit goes down, Lala voices her concern to Raquel, telling the Bambi-eyed bitch (Kent’s words, not mine) that she wouldn’t trust her around her man if she was drinking. To which Raquel replies with the iconic and foreshadowing, “Thank god you don’t have a man to, like, fucking have around.” 

And Finally, When Sandoval Gave Her *That* Look When She Showed Up For Boys’ Night.

Look, I’m not a body language expert, but there was nothing innocent about the way Sandoval lit up the second Raquel crashed guys’ night. Or the sus look he gave when Raquel recounted Lala’s comments about not trusting her around her man. Now this evidence—*straightens detective cap*—was basically confirmed with the rumor these two banged it out in a car (!) outside Sandoval and Ariana’s house (!!) that same night (!!!!!!!!). Do with that information what you will. 

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Megan Schaltegger
Megan Schaltegger
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