Ryan Phillippe Is Being Accused Of Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend

Something about Ryan Phillippe has always seemed a little bit off to us, and now we know what. Elsie Hewitt, a model who dated him this spring, filed a lawsuit against Ryan on Monday, saying that he physically abused her in July.

Let’s back up. Ryan, who is 43, started dating 21-year-old (of course) Guess model Elsie back in April, and they were together until July. The two were first linked together at Coachella, which is how all healthy relationships start out.

Anyway, the shit in the lawsuit allegedly went down on July 3rd. They were at a party together, and Ryan left because Elsie was ignoring him… spoken like a true grown-ass man dating a girl who can barely drink alcohol legally. She later went back to his house, where they got into a super heated argument. That’s when Elsie claims he kicked and punched her before throwing her down a flight of stairs. Yikes. There are even photos of Elsie’s bruises, and they’re intense. She was granted an emergency protective order after being treated at the hospital.

In the lawsuit, Elsie also says that she saw Ryan “repeatedly abusing a panoply of legal and illegal drugs, including without limitation cocaine, ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms, and steroids.” Damn, homeboy likes to party. Also, don’t feel bad if you had to look up the meaning of “panoply.” Elsie is reportedly suing Ryan for $1 million.

Anonymous sources close to Ryan of course say that none of this happened, and that Elsie was the one on drugs, and she actually attacked Ryan, and blah blah blah #NotAllMen, the pay gap is a myth, Hillary’s emails.

Either way, it’s a good thing they’re not together anymore, because yikes. Thank God Reese Witherspoon got out when she did.