Rob Kardashian Is Dating A New Reality TV Hoe

Rob Kardashian has always been kind of a mystery to us, and his relationship with Blac Chyna was no different. One day it seemed like they were in it for the long haul, and a week later it was like they were never going to speak again. It probably didn’t help that Chyna is a Grade-A psycho, and also that Rob couldn’t stop TEXTING OTHER BITCHES.

Well, it looks like Rob has moved on from Chyna, and he’s picked someone…just as trashy. Her name is Mehgan James, and she’s a reality star too! She first appeared on Bad Girls Club (classy!!), and then she was a cast member on the fourth season of Basketball Wives LA. Both shows that we watch religiously, naturally.

So let’s talk about Mehgan. First of all, no, that’s not a typo. She actually spells her own fucking name wrong, so that’s immediate points off. She’s also definitely kind of hot, but also she looks crazy in a lot of photos. She definitely looks like she’s into botox. To be fair though, Blac Chyna has cheek piercings, so Rob is used to women with questionable cosmetic choices.

Mehgan James

Mehgan only made it on Basketball Wives because she used to date Kedrick Brown (still not a typo), a random former NBA player who now plays pro basketball in Turkey to make ends meet. Like, who even knew they had professional basketball in Turkey? Kedrick might be a cool dude, but let’s just say Mehgan isn’t exactly used to dating all-stars. Sound like Rob is a perfect match!

Mehgan James

So now Rob and Mehgan seem to be together, even though Rob’s denying it. But Rob has also posted some sappy Instagrams recently about Chyna, which have since been deleted. The official story is that Rob and Chyna are just dedicated to being good parents for Dream, but it’s always felt like Rob wasn’t actually ready for that relationship to be over. All we really want is one good, hair-pulling confrontation between Chyna and Mehgan, so E! better fire up those cameras. Kris, make it happen.