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Wait, What TF Happened With Remi Bader And Her Boyfriend?

It’s always a sad day when an influencer relationship bites the dust. Remi Bader and Keyveat Postell are no longer… queue the “how to get over a breakup” TikToks and all of Sour by Olivia Rodrigo. The model and the former Goldman Sachs Man dated for close to two years before Keyveat apparently dumped her in a not-so-nice way. Although they have plenty of happy memories together (or at least happy TikToks), they also faced the criticism of trolls throughout their relationship. Haters made gross comments that Keyveat was out of Remi’s league and suggested that their romance was fake. Some people really need to get a life.

In September 2023, the influencer appeared on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast and opened up about her relationship and the trolls. She called Keyveat “the most supportive” partner. “He’s been the one that’s told me, ‘I don’t want you to lose weight in ways that are making you feel bad about yourself,’ like, ‘I love you the way you are,’” she said. “So when I see people saying the opposite, or make me feel like there’s no way he could love me… I’m like, you don’t get it.” So, why exactly did Keyveat break up with Remi? Let’s get into it.

Keyveat Postell *Allegedly* Ended Things With Remi Bader Over Text


It’s date night… ♥️

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In a since-deleted TikTok, Remi accused Keyveat of breaking up with her over text. Yikes. It’s giving Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift circa 2008. She posted a video of herself crying in a pink robe and a messy bun and hinted at what went down between them. “When he says doing it over text is easier for him than doing it in person after almost 2 years together,” she wrote over the clip. Remi swiftly took the video down after sharing it with her 2.3 million followers. At the moment, Keyveat’s reasoning for the breakup is still unclear.

Keyveat Postell Is Moving On From Remi Bader Rather… Quickly


The woman was too stunned to speak #remibader

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It seems like Keyveat immediately got back out there. I would say I’m shocked, but we are talking about a straight man. Since Remi’s sad announcement, people online have discovered his now-active Hinge profile. One TikTok user shared screenshots of his profile and wrote, “POV: you think you hallucinated seeing Remis break up tiktok but then see her bf on hinge.” Unsurprisingly, his photo selection is giving fuckboy. He has a smize picture, a classic “me and my boy” photo, and one with a cowboy hat, too.

Everyone in the comments section is clearly on Team Remi. “Wow he works fast damn,” one person said. Another pointed out, “Guarantee she took all of these photos too.” Uhgggg. Okay, but who is gonna wanna match with him now??

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