There's A New Way To Make Money Off Pornhub And It's Not What You Think

Good news to those of you who like to fuck! Erotic short film site Pornhub is offering a $25,000 grant to college students who want to research human sexuality. Professors and students can use the grant to conduct any research that’ll bring about a better understanding of human sexuality and “ help people lead happier and healthier sex lives.” But, heads up, this isn’t an excuse to try and bang your cute TA. We’re not telling you to do that (for legal reasons.)

With those guidelines, I’ll gladly accept the money and just start telling all my friends to stop hooking up with dudes who text them after midnight. Done. I’m a scientist now.

Really, though, Pornhub is very open about what you do with the money and what kind of research it can be. It can be sociological, biological, or technological. You can get paid $25k to analyze dick pics if that’s what your heart desires.

Obviously, it has to adhere to like scientific guidelines and ethical standards, so you can’t like shame anyone’s dick pics or porn habits. You have to leave that to your group chat. But it is very cool to see a porn site want to promote sex positivity and knowledge and help more people get off. Aw, Pornhub is like the Mother Theresa of smut sites. 

You have till May 1st to think of your sexiest ideas and apply for the grant. And no, your Spring break trip to Cabo does not count as “research,” no matter how sexual it may have been.

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