Let's Talk About Everyone's Obsession With Pete Davidson

Emily Ratajkowski, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian—the list of beautiful women Pete Davidson has dated (both allegedly and confirmed) is an impressive and ever-growing one. And with each new paramour, the internet reacts by questioning how this guy keeps dating some of the most gorgeous women on the planet.

His latest romance with supermodel EmRata is no exception. On November 27, the pair were seen courtside at a Knicks game, all but confirming their relationship status. Naturally, Twitter had a field day.

“Pete Davidsons dong must be the 9th Wonder of the World. This is the only explanation” one person tweeted.  Another wrote, “I lost faith in humanity when all the most attractive women in the world decided to date Pete Davidson.”

You would think that at a certain point, we would stop debating his appeal, and yet it’s practically become a national pastime.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s much of a mystery. But seeing as how so many people (mostly men) still don’t get it, I’ll break down exactly why women everywhere are obsessed with Pete Davidson.

He’s Tall

Yes, really. According to Dan Rosenfeld, social psychologist and founder of The Match Lab, Pete’s height lends him some sex appeal. “Women tend to prefer taller men,” he says, so even though Pete isn’t considered “traditionally handsome,” his 6’3 stature gives him an edge.

He’s Funny

Pete might not have the chiseled jawline or smoldering sex appeal of a young Brad Pitt, but that really doesn’t matter. As Rosenfeld explains, attraction is more complicated than that and for women, desire isn’t as driven by looks as it is by other qualities—namely, a good sense of humor. And aside from his prolific dating life, that’s exactly what Pete is best known for.

The 29-year-old got his start on Saturday Night Live. He joined the roster in 2014 at the age of 20, making him one of the youngest cast members in SNL history. As Marilyn Monroe once said, “if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” That tracks.

He’s Cute

Let’s go back to that “traditionally handsome” thing for a moment. Personally, I think Pete is very good looking, so I did a little digging and turns out, I’m right… At least according to science.

PinkMirror, a site that determines attractiveness by analyzing facial features, proportions, and symmetry, gave Pete a 7.9 out of 10 making him what they deem “handsome.” Not bad considering that Chris Hemsworth was rated an 8.5.

He’s Vulnerable

Pete was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder at the age of 23 and has spoken openly about his mental health struggles and history of substance abuse. But these issues have only made him more appealing to the ladies.

“His capacity to speak openly about his trauma and the grief he’s experienced shows he’s willing to be vulnerable,” says Kelly Neupert, a Chicago-based couples’ therapist. “Vulnerability is sexy! It means he’s open to connecting to you on a deeper level.”

On top of that, he’s proactive about self-improvement. He’s gone to rehab and is a strong believer in therapy. “Knowing that Pete has the awareness and initiative to get help is attractive and relieving all in one,” Neupert explains.

He’s the Definition of BDE

In 2018, after the death of Anthony Bourdain, a fan took to Twitter to commemorate the chef on his “big dick energy.” Thus, the term was born. Few people remember that, though, because almost as soon as it was coined, BDE was applied to Pete Davidson when Ariana Grande (his then-fiancé) tweeted about his manhood. (PinkMirror might’ve given him a 7.9 but Ms. Grande gave him a 10.)  

But BDE is less about actual endowment and more about how you carry yourself. It’s a cool, unassuming assuredness, confidence without cockiness. Think non-toxic masculinity. As in, the type of person who’s comfortable enough with themselves to make self-deprecating jokes and openly talk about their insecurities with the world.  

He’s Down to Commit

BDE aside, Pete doesn’t give off fuckboy vibes. He gives serious relationship material vibes. In one interview, he called himself “a hopeless romantic” saying, “I believe in love and I believe being in love is a great thing.”

In another interview, he had this to say: “My love language, when I’m in a relationship, is I treat the person I’m with like a princess.”  

He’s Family-Oriented

Pete has a close relationship with his mom and he isn’t shy about it. That shows that he “values and respects the most important women in his life,” Rosenfeld says. His father tragically passed away during the 9/11 attacks in NYC when Pete was seven.

On top of that, he’s talked about wanting a family of his own, even going so far as to say his ultimate goal is to get married and have kids.

He Looks Like a Bad Boy

“Women have always been attracted to the bad boy,” Amber Lee, a professional matchmaker, tells me, “And Pete Davidson has classic bad boy appeal.”

True. At first glance, he looks like the stoner you had a crush on in high school. He’s thin and pale with dark undereye circles and a body covered in tattoos.

He’s Actually a Nice Guy

Chloe Fineman called him “deeply charming.” Mikey Day says he’s an “intelligent, well-spoken, interesting dude.” Kaley Cuoco said “he truly is one of the nicest people in the world.” Ben Stiller called him “an incredibly sweet guy.” And according to Maria Bakalova, his co-star on Bodies Bodies Bodies, “He’s so generous and nice and just a sweetheart.”

 So, basically, he might look like your shitty, stoner ex-boyfriend, but deep down he’s a gentleman.

His Track Record Helps

It’s not that surprising when rich and famous men have beautiful girlfriends. But when they have beautiful girlfriends who are also rich and famous and can have anyone in the world? Well, that’s a different story.

Pete’s dating history gives him credibility, explains Neupert. “There’s an inherent desire to want what someone else has.” Lee agrees. As she puts it, “When a man has dated several hot women, other women take notice!”

It’s a phenomenon the Urban Dictionary has deemed the Pete Davidson effect. Take note, men. 

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Katie Mannion
Katie Mannion
Katie Mannion is a proud millennial whose childhood dream was to be a singer. When she discovered she was tone-deaf, she landed on writing. She lives in St. Louis and frequently writes about health, relationships, and pop culture. Her interest in true crime and celebrity gossip may make her seem basic, but she's also a cool mom, despite what her son says.