Nick Viall And January Jones Are Dating, And We're Concerned For Her

As if you needed further proof that the times we are living in are trash, one of the worst Bachelors of all time and Betty Draper are dating. Nick Viall and January Jones have been dating for two months, according to Page Six.

The two met because January told James Corden on his show that she loved The Bachelor. Nick Viall took that as a sign that he should be creepy and asked her to do Lip Sync Battle with him. January declined because she used to have class.

Jones told Corden this whole story when she went back on his show in November, so, like, probably roughly around the time she and Nick actually started dating. Direct quote from January during that interview: “You don’t know if you like him or if he’s a scumbag, and I think that’s why I’m attracted to him, maybe.”

I mean, she’s not wrong. Also, that’s exactly the same way someone would describe Don Draper. Maybe too many years on the Mad Men set has her perception all fucked up.

The pair reportedly spent Jones’ 40th birthday together in LA along with some of her costars. That seems like she’s robbing the cradle, but she really isn’t. Nick is actually pretty old, 37. You just thought he was younger because he was trying to get it in with 24-year-olds when he was on The Bachelor.  *Shudders*

You would think spending years working with Jon Hamm would elevate your taste in men, but I guess not. There’s probably a great reason Nick has been publicly dumped so many times. I can’t say I have really high hopes for this one to work out. January, don’t say we didn’t warn you.