If New York City Neighborhoods Were Iconic Harry Styles Outfits

Harry Styles has never been one to play it safe with his fashion choices. From his heartthrob days in One Direction to his shroom-filled days as a solo artist, his bold style has gifted us with a glorious slew of outfits just as varied and distinct as the neighborhoods of New York City. 

While Harry might not agree to be your actual date around New York (his loss), taking a Styles fashion tour of the city is the next best thing. If you’re wondering where Harry would grab brunch in a three piece suit or which neighborhood contains the vibe of “full velvet ensemble”, we’ve got you covered. 

Williamsburg, Brooklyn: BBC Radio 1 2019 Interview 

Photo courtesy of Billboard

Is that a homemade t-shirt? Just kidding—it’s Gucci.

This outfit looks like it’s been thrifted, and honestly, drawn with a marker. From a distance, the wide-legged pants and suspenders look cool and a little grungy, but scratch just below the surface and you’ll find this outfit is as unaffordable as a one-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg. 

Yes, Williamsburg—the NYC neighborhood everyone loves to hate and hates to love. While it’s no longer the hip artists town it was back in the 90s and early 2000s, it retains its artistic charm. We can imagine Harry regularly hitting up Brooklyn Bowl or Marlow and Sons with his latest date (followed by a slide at L’industrie Pizza, of course).

If you want to experience the grunge vibe and still pay over $5 for a coffee, hit up Devocion. And of course, for an assortment of patchwork sweaters and 4-piece suits Harry would love, Seven Wonders vintage store is where it’s at.

Greenwich Village, Manhattan: Brit Awards 2021

Photo by JMEnternational/JMEnternational for BRIT Awards/Getty Images

Like Greenwich Village, this suit was cooler in the 1970s (sorry, Harry!). Reminiscent of a time when rock n’ roll was at its peak and bohemian artists filled the cafes on Bleeker, this suit makes us feel nostalgic for what could have been, and has now gone corporate. The Village is, of course, still a cool place for artists to hang out… just as long as they have a big enough trust fund to afford one of NYC’s most desirable zip codes.

We’re sure Harry would spend a stylish afternoon skimming old photos at the Jefferson Market Library or visiting the Museum of Illusions with exhibits just as quirky as he is. No doubt he’d pick up the latest read at Three Lives & Company and then stop in for a pint at the Stonewall Inn. We also have a hunch he wouldn’t be able to pass up on brunch at Buvette, either.

Astoria, Queens: Venice Film Festival 2022

Photo by Elisabetta A. Villa/Getty Images

Understated, yet quirky and cool, with a little Grecian vibe—both this outfit and how we feel wandering around Astoria. Like a loosely tied silk scarf to a tight bowtie, this Queens neighborhood feels more laid back than neighboring boroughs of Brooklyn or Manhattan. But hit up the local bar and there’ll still be plenty of people to impress with the detailing on your blazer. 

This outfit would make Harry look perfectly in place at the Museum of the Moving Image or chowing down on a gyro at one of the neighborhood’s iconic Greek spots. You just know he’d love browsing the Astoria Bookshop for a selection of local and international books, and then grabbing a Freddo cappuccino (Greek iced coffee) and brunch at Gossip Coffee.

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn: Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Induction 2019

Photo by Mike Coppola/WireImage

Ah, velvet. So soft. So versatile. Cool for a formal night out at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or just catching a show with the lads at LunAtico. The bright monochrome doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard to be cool—it just is. Sure, in a few years it will be as cringeworthy to wear on the red carpet as low-rise jeans are today (and people in Williamsburg will start wearing cheap knockoffs). But for now: we stan.

Not for nothing, we saw someone walking around Bed-Stuy in this exact outfit the other day (and no, it was not Harry—we checked).

Bed-Stuy has an important political and cultural history for the black community of New York and has inspired some ballin’ works of art. Perhaps one of the most famous residents is Spike Lee, who used his experiences growing up in this Brooklyn Neighborhood in the films Do The Right Thing and Crooklyn. One of the best things to do in Bed-Stuy is getting lost amongst the brownstone buildings that characterize the area. To learn more about the history and the culture of the area, take a walking tour with New York Like a Native. When in need of caffenation, drop by Stonefruit Espresso and then grab dinner at farm-to-table restaurant Hart’s.

Lower East Side: Brit Awards 2021 Afterparty

Photo by Neil Mockford / Ricky Vigil M/GC Images

Harry never aims to fit in with his style choices, but this yellow, three-piece suit is especially bold. This outfit screams “party time” (especially because he changed from his more demure brown suit from the award ceremony into this bright one for the after-party). It’ll look even more in place when it’s covered in wine stains catching the F train at 3am after a night out in the Lower East Side. 

But this neighborhood is about more than just the party life, though. The Museum of Contemporary Art is worth a visit (and, coincidentally, another place this outfit would fit in perfectly), and the Tenement Museum will give you a look into the working-class origins of the neighborhood. 

And as touristy it may be, it really doesn’t get much better than a pastrami sandwich from Katz’s Deli. Stop in Bluestockings Coop Bookstore for a social justice read or to pick up a coffee and pastry. In the evening, keep an eye out for speakeasy bars like Attaboy or Garfunkel’s where you can enjoy an overpriced cocktail and feel right at home in a yellow, three-piece suit.

Featured image courtesy of Getty Images.