5 Dresses Under $100 You Can Still Get In Time For New Year's Eve

Now that Christmas is over, we’re all in panic mode for New Year’s Eve because just like every year, we def left it for the very last minute. Like, story of my fucking life. Trying to figure out which overpriced nightclub you’re blacking out at is a headache in and of itself, so trying to find a somewhat cheap outfit is nearly impossible. The countdown to 2018 is only a few days away, so we’re honestly left with two options: Actually pay for the express shipping, or leave the house and join civilization by going to a store in person. Since post-holiday season calls for sales that are too good to be true, some of our fave stores are making life just a tad bit easier for us and our new gift cards. Whether you decide to hibernate and pay a few extra bucks to get that shit delivered to your door, or muster the energy to fight the crowd, here are 5 dresses under $100 that are hot af and still in stock just in time for New Year’s Eve.

1. R&M Richards Velvet Cutout-Back Bodycon Dress

A velvet bodycon basically says you’re hitting the open bar from the minute it begins. This chic Merlot shade is totally flattering for the season and features a party-ready open back.

R&M Dress

2. Bardot Lace Panel Dress

This is essentially the perfect balance of cute, classy, and sexy. The midi length dress comes just above the knee, and is outlined in scalloped lace without fully exposing any butt cheeks or nips. 

Bardot Lace Panel Dress

3. AQUA Metallic Scalloped Dress

If sequins aren’t your thing, but you still want to sparkle (and look skinny) all night, this super festive black and gold fit-and-flare is ~the one~. With a seamed waist and scalloped neckline, throw on your best heels, add a dainty necklace, run a wand through your hair, and you’re ready to throw back watered-down drinks.

AQUA Metallic Scalloped Dress

4. Vince Camuto Cold Shoulder Bell Sleeve Dress

I know it’s the holiday season and all, but honestly, with the amount of red dresses I’ve seen as of late, it’s looking like red is the new black. It’s a classic shade no one can ever go wrong with (especially if you just really like attention) and this cold shoulder dress ties in all of this year’s best trends. It comes with a choker neckline and dramatic sleeves in a flattering crepe material, so whether you remember making it to midnight or not, you’ll know you looked good regardless.

Vince Camuto Cold Shoulder Bell Sleeve Dress

5. Calvin Klein Black Sequin Dress

This halter neck cocktail dress is covered in sequins that are (thankfully) all in black, so it’s not like, too extra to wear out. It still comes with a glam-ready design and delicate detail so it’ll look v good in all of your Instas—flash on, of course.

Calvin Klein Black Sequin Dress