5 Fall Nail Art Trends You're Going To Be Seeing Everywhere

With summer coming to an end, we don’t need any more reminders about how depressing it is. We don’t care about your dumb excitement for sweater weather or your so-called “PSL SZN.” Our rosé is officially on sale and our favorite rooftop bar is now just a bar. What a literal buzzkill. Before your skin gets dry AF and your social life becomes obsolete, treat yourself to an expensive manicure to make yourself feel better. You’ll be seeing these nail art trends all over NYFW this Fall, so why not get ahead of the trend and make it look like everyone copied you?

1. Metallic Mosaics

This trend is all about goth glam, so if you’re the type of person to let someone go in front of you at Starbucks, it’s probably not your thing. If you can’t really envision metallics and mosaics going together, think rock ‘n’ roll meets random designs with some gold accents. We’re actually really feeling this trend because it’s allowing you to wear glitter on your nails without being a 12-year-old girl at her Lady Gaga themed bat mitzvah. These nails are dark enough for the fall, and the shimmer is pretty dope if you wear enough black.

Metallic Mosaic Nail Art

2. Clean Lines

Symmetrical lines and color blocking will always be in style, but this season, clean lines are the go-to, and we approve. We were getting pretty sick of the half moons and french tips, so some clean lines are actually refreshing. Some designers are calling this look “industrial design,” but like, all we see are lines. Horizontal and vertical are both being done, so it just depends if you’re feeling more of a referee vibe or a lined paper vibe. Either way, you can’t really go wrong with stripes on your nails. We did it at sleepovers in the third grade, so we can get with it again.

Clean Lines Nail Art

3. Pierced Nails

If candy crush existed in manicure form, it would be this. Pierced nails might be the least practical trend right now, but if you don’t cook or clean or write or do any sort of exercise that involves your hands, this mani is ideal for you. We admit this look is extra AF, but you don’t have to have a shit ton of piercings to pull it off. I mean, people are literally getting graduation cap tassels hanging off their nails. Then again, you could also get Jersey Shore hoops on your pinky. It sounds trashy and inconvenient, but then again, we’re talking about a $90 manicure here. Let’s not question anyone’s values.

Pierced Nails

4. Dry-Brush

This look is inspired by modern art, and it’s all about creating streaky effects by dipping the brush into a bit of color and swiping it onto the nail. Basically, think of it as one of those paintings you see at the MoMA and think “WTF is this,” but then you find out its $10 million and you’re like, “This is amazing.” The dry-brush trend is a multi-colored look, so if you’re strictly into neutrals and pale pinks, it may not be your style, but if you’ve ever owned a Harajuku perfume bottle, you’ll appreciate this look.

Dry Brush Nails

5. Colored Tips

We haven’t gotten a French manicure since we were 14, but it’s making somewhat of a comeback with colored tips this season. This trend is best done with two colors, but people are also doing it with just a clean nail and then a colored tip, so like, it just depends on how many colors you’re willing to commit to. This trend is perfect for the girl who panics when the manicurist says “pick your color” like it’s the most important decision you’ll have to make that day. Now you can pick more than one and not have to Snapchat your friends all of your options for a group vote. 

Colored Tips Nail Art