What Moms Actually Want For Mother's Day

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Ah, Mothers. You’re probably in a fight with yours right now, but you and I both know that won’t stop you from asking her to do your laundry when you go home this Sunday. Maybe it’s time to repay her with a gift for Mother’s Day, since it’s literally the least you can do – and a betch loves doing the least. Also, don’t panic, Mother’s Day isn’t until May 8th. So calm tf down, and pick out a gift from our list. 

Weighted Faux Fur Blanket
 at Apparis - $295

Apparis is a New York City-based vegan lifestyle brand, or as I like to refer to it, that brand with the softest stuff ever. Their blankets are bestsellers – they come in a wide variety of fun colors, are silky smooth and cozy, and you’ll prob end up fighting with your mom over who gets to use them. 

Custom Jewelry
 at BaubleBar - $48

You can’t go wrong with jewelry as a gift, and BaubleBar has a huge range of jewelry in different styles at different prices – but we especially love their custom jewelry for Mother’s Day. Take a look at their custom bracelets for the classic mom and custom phone cases for the mom who wants you to teach her everything about technology.   

Ruched Nappa Handbag
 at Behno - $545

You want your mom to look good, don’t you? So get her a bag from Behno, a unique handbag brand designed in New York City that produces luxury, consciously made handbags and now apparel. Their handbags are super chic but still classic—so ask your dad and sibling to chip in and voila, you’re the best daughter ever. 

Facial Roller
Skin Gym
 at Amazon - $28

Beauty tools are always a fun gift, and Skin Gym has, like, a lotttt of them. Our fave is the facial roller, because it’s not intimidating like some of those other super technical LED tools, and it’s also insanely easy to work into your routine. Pair it with the Skin Gym Gua Sha and Signature Oil Kit, and it’s your mom’s favorite thing she never knew she needed. 

Baby Tote Bag
 at Shopbop - $250

If you’re looking for a gift for a new mom, look no further than the Caraa baby bags. Our favorite is the Baby Tote Nylon, because it’s ultra-light, has a ton of different compartments to help keep things organized, and really makes you look like you’re getting sh*t done, but in a fashionable-mom way – and who doesn’t aim to be a fashionable mom?  

Original Cool Mom Sweatshirt
Shop Betches
 at Shop Betches - $50


It’s called a plug, ever heard of it? No, but seriously, the Betches Moms merch is hilarious and perfect for all of the cool moms out there. Who doesn’t need a sweatshirt? And if you’re reading this, you probably don’t have a regular mom…

The Quintessential Gift Set: Body Serum + Eye Pillow
 at L'Beauxtique - $93

This one’s for the woo-woo mom. This gift set comes with an Evening Body Serum and Aromatic Eye Pillow which, together, are aimed at helping with stress. There’s also, like, therapy – but a stunning, handmade cotton pillow and a botanical serum don’t hurt, either.

Plant Support Kit
 at Amazon - $34.99

Moms love gardening, and gardeners love C-BITE garden clips. They connect garden stakes and tie into custom shapes and structures. This kit comes complete with the C-BITE clips, garden stakes, and safety caps. If you don’t understand what that means, it’s okay – your mom will. Garden on. 

Bala Bangles
 at Bala - $65

Bala Bangles are basically chic wrist and ankle weights that are 10x better than whatever your mom used in the 80s. The weights can be used for yoga, pilates, or any type of workout; or even just to add more to your daily walks. Even if your mom doesn’t work out, these are pretty, and that’s what really matters. 

Silk Robe
 at Lunya - $250

Lunya offers sleepwear for the modern woman. They have everything from washable silk robes and sets to Pima cotton tees and weighted sleep masks. Sleepwear is the perfect gift that your mom probs hasn’t thought to buy herself, and you definitely hadn’t thought to buy her either. You’re welcome.  

Handmade Gifts
 at Etsy - from $11.99

Etsy has a Mother’s Day Gift Guide, and it’s kind of ironic because it really has something for everyone. Some of my favorites include these candle holders, these hilarious customizable face pillows, and this bath tray. I’d pay attention to the ‘star seller’ items if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the amazing options.  

Mother's Day Gift Tin Tower
Cheryl's Cookies
 at Cheryl's Cookies - $59.99

You can never go wrong with sweet treats as a gift, and Cheryl’s Cookies are the best choice for that. This gift box has flavors ranging from cookies and cream, banana walnut, chocolate fudge, raspberry crumb, and more – my mouth is watering, and so will your mom’s. There are gluten free and sugar free gift boxes too!

Eucalyptus TENCEL Duvet Cover
 at Eucalypso - $140

A new duvet cover is one of those things you might procrastinate buying for yourself; but as a gift, it’s the best thing ever – especially if it’s from Eucalypso. This duvet cover is cooling and made from 100% TENCEL Lyocell from Eucalyptus. Silky smooth, it’ll give your mom the best night’s sleep, which is a win-win for the whole family. 😴

Love Travel Scarf in Recycled Cashmere
LITA by Ciara
 at LITA - $248

Show your love for mom, literally, with this scarf made from recycled cashmere. Goes without saying, it’s super soft. Plus, a portion of proceeds go to Russell Wilson and Ciara’s nonprofit, the Why Not You Foundation, and it’s shipped in compostable packaging, so you can feel pretty good about this buy.

The Contour FACE Mask
 at Omnilux - $395

Moms might not have time to visit a med spa or aesthetician, so give her professional-grade results she can get from home, without all the hassle and expense of actually, ya know, seeing a professional. The Contour FACE Mask by Omnilux can treat fine lines and wrinkles,  refine skin texture and tone, and help mom get glowing skin (even if she hasn’t slept in a week). All without appointments or needles.

Sydney Kaplan
Sydney Kaplan
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