Marie Roda’s 'The Challenge: Final Reckoning' Recap: Keep That Same Energy

“Keep that same energy please don’t flip!” These are the song lyrics we begin last night’s The Challenge: Final Reckoning episode with. That’s also the message I would like to give to all of my fellow Challenge castmates. In case you don’t follow the cast on Twitter (which you really need to be doing), there’s been a lot of bad blood stemming from this season. I, for one hope, everyone keeps “that same energy” for the reunion.


Starting off, we watch a poorly acted recap from Hunter and are reminded that last week Shane threw the challenge, created more enemies, and plugged his favorite hair growth tool. Celebrations are in order for last week’s winning team as we pop champagne at the main house. Shane is still salivating over his mean queen status, and Tony is not having it. There’s already way too many people on this bottle and resources are scarce.

Zach explains that it’s going to be hard to agree with Amanda when the going gets tough, but for now, he has no problem using the Big Brother team as his scapegoat. Downstairs, Big Brother is getting hyped thinking about the opportunity to call Shane and Nelson out.


In the living room, the boys are giving Kyle a hard time about being… Kyle. Are we really surprised he moved onto Ashley so quickly? With the pool room doors locked (the only place without cameras), Ashley has to work extra hard to hide her new affair, which is being kept secret from Cara. Fortunately for us Challenge fans, nothing stays secret.


The sun goes down and the cast goes out. Hunter and Joss are having a pow-wow at the bar because apparently Joss gave Hunter a welcome blowie and he loves him for it. We also learn that Joss is a native “farm boy” like Hunter and that’s the other thing they have in common other than steroids. True love.


Amanda appreciates Hunter’s approval while implying that she and Joss may not know everything about each other just yet. HMM. Will we get a wild Joss? I predict no…. but a wild Amanda? Now, that’s a given.


Also, DJ PLAN B AKA Brad has some killer dance moves.



On the other side of the bar, Johnny corners the new kids. Perhaps he feels he can relate to them because he has no friends either. It seems like the new kids just made one in Johnny. The laugh about the “Lavender Ladies” and the idea that eventually their alliances will all implode.


Da’Vonne wonders who they are willing to sacrifice, and the cameraman lets everyone know it’s most likely myself and Cara. I’m aware of this too, however. No one cares about us and we have to make a play with the rookies. I’m not as dumb as I look… most of the time.


At redemption, we get the cutest moment between Veronica and CT. CT has obviously dropped some LBs in redemption and is looking fine as hell. Tori and Derrick are still pissed about how the votes went and vow vengeance on Da’Vonne, Jozea, and my partner, Cara.

At the main house, Jozea explains that the teams can “burn” however they want. I’m actually both paranoid and aware that the majority of the house thinks I’m nuts. The joke is, I was actually making it well known to everyone about the votes in order to scare people from putting additional votes on Cara and me. There is a method to my “Marnie.” If everyone thinks you’re crazy, they won’t suspect that you’re actually smart.
Roll Safe


During nominations, I walk in with a no f*cks given attitude. Being the brains of an operation can be exhausting. We head to Armageddon, where we find out that more than one of the nominated teams got two votes. With a tied nomination reveal, Zach and Amanda get the final say. They stick to their decision of Jozea and Da’Vonne. Having been the only ones to vote for them, however, Jozea and Da’Vonne are left without competition as Zach and Amanda are safe.


TJ then tells them they can pick from anyone, and I am shaking. It is literally the coldest night in South Africa and there’s a dunk tank in front of us. No one wants to do this elimination. NO ONE. Unsurprisingly, the Big Brother team goes against their original plan and choose Kam and Kayleigh (I told you they were going for a girl/girl team).


The ladies then have the pleasure of getting suspended upside down. Truly one of the most torturous eliminations I have ever witnessed. Kam and Kayleigh pull out another huge win and send BB packing. In the process of determining tonight’s elimination, Johnny shows his true colors to Kayleigh. You’d be a fool to think she wouldn’t say anything.


Jozea and Davonne join the redemption house with an unpleasant greeting from Tori. I’ve never seen Tori this angry before, but she’s scary. I pray she’s not getting back into the house, otherwise I’m next.



My prayers are answered as Jozea and Da’Vonne become the luckiest redemption players and get the double-cross without pulling. With a Big Brother team getting to choose who plays for a spot, it seems we can bid some teams farewell now. We’re about to lose some players… if I had to guess, Tori is one.


Who do you think is going home?


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