5 Facts About Mariia Butina, The Millennial Russian Spy With NRA Ties

Take a shot of vodka and say a prayer for Mueller, because the saga known as Russian collusion is the gift that just keeps giving. After seeing Trump and Putin’s creepy friendship earlier this month, it’s clear that something is up between Trump and Russia. Now Russian spy national Mariia Butina has been formally charged of conspiracy and acting as a foreign agent after her eight hour testimony in front of Senate Intelligence Committee.

Here’s 5 Things To Know About Mariia:

  1. Mariia (also known as “Maria”) grew up in Siberia where she learned to hunt and got really good with guns.
  2. She started an activist group called Right to Bear Arms in her twenties. Yes, only in Russia would it be that kind of bear…
  3. She became the “special assistant” and spokes person for Aleksandr Torshin, a Russian Senator who is v powerful. Together they grew the Right to Bear Arms and basically they tried to hand out guns like candy across Russia.
  4.  She conveniently moved to the U.S. in 2016 to go to American University, but also teamed up with the NRA *cough* collusion *cough* and started a lobbying group in the U.S. with Paul Erikson, Republican uber villain supporter. Talk about really killing it on the extra curriculars.
  5. Oh yeah, a grand jury formally charged her with conspiracy and acting as a foreign agent! That’s def important to know about her.

Maybe that was more than 5 things, but Mariia has been a busy girl since she came to the U.S. Turns out a Russian billionaire, Konstantin Nikolaev, was funneling money through her gun lobbying to gain influence in America. Now that is a political sugar daddy, no doubt. They tried to set meetings and discussed ways to make the Kremlin and Trump work in a mutually beneficial way. We’ll see if Trump continues to pull a Shaggy and say “it wasn’t me,” but it seems like collusion might not be so far fetched. Go stock up on some vodka and play a fun game while watching the news where you take a shot every time they mention collusion… you’ll be drunk in no time!

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