I Stayed At The "Love Is Blind" Resort—And Here's What It Was Like

Unless your ex changed the password to their Netflix account, you are probably familiar with the streaming service’s binge-worthy hit show, Love Is Blind.

But in case you’ve never seen the series, let me catch you up to speed. In what has been coined as a “social experiment,” young singles attempt to find love sight unseen via “dating pods,” allowing them to talk to one another without seeing who is on the other side. After a series of dates and intimate conversations, connections begin to grow and *some* couples become engaged, all while in the pods. Once engaged, they meet face-to-face and are whisked away for an obnoxiously-romantic couples retreat to discover if their physical connection is as strong as their emotional one. And surprise, surprise: This often leads to a lottttt of drama.

For season two (arguably the best/messiest season), couples were treated to a romantic getaway at the adults-only, all-inclusive TRS Coral Hotel just north of Cancun, on the coastline of Costa Mujeres. The paradisiacal resort’s all-white beach, modern rooms (which BTW some feature a swim-up pool right off the terrace!), and hydrotherapy spa served as a backdrop in three episodes.

My partner and I recently packed our bags and hopped on a plane to check out where some of our fav reality TV couples fell in (and out) of love. Spoiler alert: none of the couples from season two are still together. With that being said, I highly recommend taking a trip with your S.O. to TRS Coral… if you’ve been together longer than ten days, that is.

A Totally Kid-Free Environment

With peace and love, I do not want to hear your kid crying while I lay out on the beach with a fruity drink in hand. TRS Coral is a truly adults-only resort, including the private beach, pools, and restaurants. And staff have no problem (politely) enforcing the adults-only promise to passerby, which is much appreciated.

Something to note is that TRS Coral guests essentially have access to two resorts. In addition to the adults-only TRS Coral, we were able to take advantage of the amenities at neighboring Family Selection at Grand Palladium Resort & Spa. But no worries, the screaming iPad kids, and anyone else staying at the Grand Palladium, cannot access TRS Coral which made our stay feel all the more exclusive.

You Won’t Go Hungry…Or Thirsty

As a gal who LOVES to eat, one of my favorite amenities on the resort was the 24-hour room service. I literally had a steak, fries, and cheesecake delivered to my room at midnight without added charge. On top of round the clock room service, there are 12 restaurants on the property, in addition to cafes and a poolside food truck with the best burrito I have ever eaten.

Not only were we well-fed, but I could not walk more than 50 feet without coming across a bar or waitstaff with tequila at the ready (even at the beach or poolside). Resorts generally get a bad rap for serving watered down drinks, but everything I ordered was surprisingly strong and delicious.

Oh, and our minibar was restocked DAILY with Dos Equis, soda, water, and snacks. All included, thank you very much.

The Vibes Are Immaculate

TRS Coral has a perfect blend of scenic nature and sleek architecture, leaving behind the gimmicky look that has a death grip on so many other beach hotels and resorts. Since TRS Coral is outside of Cancun’s overly crowded hotel zone, the resort is laid out in a way that feels spacious yet intimate.

This vibe carried effortlessly into the suites too, with a mid-century modern design that looks like it could be the backdrop for an A-list celeb’s Vogue 73 Questions interview.

The cherry on top of our suite was the private swim up pool, which was the ideal location for late night dips, snapping IG pics, and filming TikTok dances that will forever live in my drafts.

There Are Plenty Of Things To Keep You Busy

Prior to our stay, I worried we might get bored of the resort life (AKA lounging at the pool, lounging by the beach, lounging on the terrace — you get it). Turns out though, we are the type of people who have zero problem kicking our feet up and doing absolutely nothing for an entire week.

But for those who like to keep their day a bit more stacked there are plenty of activities and entertainment offered at TRS Coral. Everything from tequila tasting to aqua pole dance classes, professional tennis lessons, and a sultry cabaret show were offered around the clock to keep guests as busy as they wanted to be…or not in our case.

You Will Be Well Taken Care Of

All rooms at TRS Coral include personal butler service, which at first made me uncomfortable cause, well, in my day-to-day life I definitely don’t have someone waiting on me hand and foot.

However, our butler really came through when we ran out of toilet paper one afternoon, delivering TP to our door in just minutes. Overall, the butlers made sure we knew what events were taking place around the resort and helped book dinner reservations and plan activities.

In addition to the butlers, the staff at TRS Coral were kind, funny, and on-top of everything. They were truly willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were comfortable and enjoying our time, even bringing cake and decorating our suite with balloons for my partner’s birthday. (P.S. shoutout to Andres from room service who brought me dessert every night. I miss you, my guy.)

Olivia Wagner
Olivia Wagner
Olivia Wagner (she/her) is a freelance lifestyle writer based in Pennsylvania. In addition to Betches, her writing has appeared in Cosmopolitan print, Cosmopolitan online, and INTO. Olivia’s best work can be found on the Notes app of her iPhone.