Signs You're Dating A Nice Guy Fuckboy, The Most Dangerous Kind There Is

We need to talk about Lawrence from Insecure. By the way, if you’re not watching this show, you need to start now because it’s like Girls with less privilege but just as much not giving AF. Also, Issa Rae. Anyway, Lawrence is Issa’s ex who she cheated on because he was too nice of a guy. This season he’s been trying on the fuckboy pants for size and honestly we are concerned. The problem with Lawrence being a fuckboy is that he’s the type of dude that gets away with bad behavior because everyone thinks he’s a good guy, and that’s the most dangerous type.

At least with a true fuckboy, he acts like one by Tinder messaging your friend or only hitting you up to “come ovr” at 1am after he’s exhausted his options at the club and he’s too broke to go to a strip club. That’s the type of fuckboy you can easily handle because you can spot them from a mile away. In Lawrence’s case, he’s only been in relationships and doesn’t know how to act in a casual relationship, so when he tries to just hook up with Tasha, he ends up leading her on. In true shady manner, Lawrence says “I’ll let you know” when Tasha asks if he wants to get dinner or something other than just fuck after 10pm, instead of being more up front about just wanting to hook up. Hmm, why does this feel familiar? *Entire dating life flashes before my eyes* Oh yeah.

Then, Lawrence assumes Tasha knows what’s up but still takes her out to dinner and agrees to go to a family BBQ with her. He knows he doesn’t want a relationship yet he acts like just below a boyfriend to her, which confuses the shit out of her. Tasha might be a basic bitch with an Instagram full of selfies in lace-up tops, but we’ve all been Tasha once. She’s hot AF and isn’t desperately chasing Lawrence because she’s an idiot, she’s following his false signals that he wants a relationship.

Winona Ryder

Nice guys like Lawrence are the worst when they try to do casual, because they send more mixed messages than a group chat trying to locate your drunkest friend. Because he doesn’t want to be thought of as a bad guy, he will continue doing fuckboy shit and then cover it up with nice boyfriend shit to get back in your good graces, all the while knowing he doesn’t want to be your boyfriend. He’ll say it’s not leading you on because he’s been clear from the start, but the only thing that’s clear is your calendar between 7-10pm because he hasn’t invited you out on an actual date yet but he’s happy to show up as soon as you get home from the bar.

Instead of just committing to a casual relationship, he can’t bear the thought of not being a nice guy, which means he will continue to lead you on and make you think there’s a chance while he goes and fucks his ex behind your back. Speaking of which, fucking Issa was also a fuckboy thing to do, because even though she cheated on him, she’s been desperately trying to apologize since. If he’s truly over it, then he needs to cut her off and move on, instead of giving her hope that they could work it out. In conclusion, the nice guy gets away with being a fuckboy because everyone thinks his intentions are good, but in reality they’re even worse than your average shady bro because they don’t care about you but will do anything to get you to think they’re a good guy. Including lying, cheating, and leading you on. Sorry, but we’ll take a regular fuckboy over a nice guy any day.