We Have Evidence Lala Kent Is Still Dating That Married Guy

Last year on Vanderpump Rules, whether or not Lala was banging a married dude was one of the main sources of drama. Other than Katie and Tom hating each other getting married, of course. Despite the fact that one of their bff’s did the same fucking thing a few years ago (always looking at you, Scheana), this really got Stassi and her army of skanks lit tf up. So when they appeared to all become friends earlier this year, it seemed like maybe all that Botox Lala’s been getting went to her brain and she realized that like, maybe that was pretty shitty and she should stick to, you know, single people. Well it appears that’s false because she posted a pic on Instagram where she’s sitting on some guy’s lap, kissing him, and covering his face with her hands. Then she deleted it. Then she reposted it with the comments turned off. And she has now deleted it again. Maybe it got less than 100 likes or something, idk. 

The reason we all think this pic is Lala and her married boyfriend is because, why would you cover his face if your relationship is a secret? And if you’re both two single, consenting adults, why would your relationship be a secret? Exactly. They don’t call me Lisa Vanderbetch for nothing.


If you stalk anyone even tangentially related to Vanderpump Rules like I do, you would have recognized that the photo Lala posted was actually old, and she’d posted it before. I was able to find a very small, very janky version of it, just so you all know what we’re working with here. I know, I’m a woman of the people. 

Lala Kent Randall Emmett

^Again, apologies for the shitty quality; now I know to screenshot EVERYTHING.

Do a quick Google search and you’ll find that the married guy in question is supposedly Randall Emmett. I know, right? Who? He’s a film producer and married to Ambyr Childers. Again…Who? She’s an actress who looks vaguely familiar, so safe to say she probs played a girl who gets murdered on SVU or Criminal Minds one time. But anyway, back to the point. Randall looks like he could be the dude in the photo, so my guess is he saw what Lala posted and told her to take that shit down immediately. If you go further down the rabbit hole you’ll find plenty of evidence that he is rumored to be the guy, like corresponding Tweets and some bracelets and other shit I’m glad was already researched for me. Please note that I found these screenshots in some dark recesses of the internet. Their authenticity has not been verified, but I really doubt Lala Kent or Randall Emmett are that important that people would be fabricating screenshots implicating them in an affair. Then again, you never know in 2017. So keep that all in mind when you check out the following.

Lala Kent Randall Emmett

Geez, Lala and Randall. Good job hiding your affair. You don’t tweet “Going to [city] with [secret boyfriend] who’s competing in [very specific event]” unless you want people to expose you. This is fucking amateur hour. Also, LOL @ “family and friendship”. But then Lala got even more specific and tweeted this:

Lala Kent

Meanwhile, Randall’s whereabouts were as follows:

Randall Emmett

So let’s break this shit down, shall we? Lala goes to Vegas to visit her “baby boy” while he plays in the World Series Poker Tournament, which Randall also participated in? Interesting… Then Lala says her “honey” is going to NY after said poker game and so is fucking Randall? I mean, could this all be a coincidence? Sure. But it’s not. Because that’s just too many coincidences in one weekend, okay?

Apparently, Lala posted and deleted the very same kissing photo last year to drum up press. I can’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, so I’m unable to verify those claims. But either Lala is just trying to get attention (very likely) or she’s still seeing this married guy (equally likely IMO).

So what does this all mean? Will Stassi & Co. find this out and hate her again? Or do enough free private jet rides get you to toss your moral compass out the window and be friends with a home-wrecker? Who fucking knows? Well, other than Lisa Vanderpump. Because she knows everything.