Kylie Swim Is Getting Ripped Apart On TikTok

The Kardashians are known for their various business ventures (among other things), but apparently all Kardashian Kompanies are not created equal. Some Kylie Swim customers are learning that the hard way.

Kylie Jenner’s swimwear line, creatively named Kylie Swim, launched on September 17. Weirdness of launching a swimwear collection after Labor Day aside, the collection looks cute. Kylie’s Instagrams show brightly colored one-pieces and bikinis with high leg and cutout silhouettes. The silhouettes are cute, but they are risky in that you’d have to be very carefully tied into some of these numbers and not make any sudden movements so as not to risk any slips.


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Well, I guess the orders finally finished shipping, because TikTokers are reviewing their purchases… and they are not happy. User @briannaaxrenee did a video showing sloppy stitching, loose threads, and just overall shoddy construction—on just one of the swimsuits she bought. Which, by the way, retails for $80. The suits in general don’t seem to have any padding or support (save one style, the Kylie), and the fabric appears to be thin. If I paid close to $100 for some scraps of nylon with skipped stitches, yeah, I’d be annoyed too.

User @tinytello pointed out that the August swimsuit is so see-through that you can see the Kylie label through the suit. “I’m confused how I wear this in public confidently when everyone can see every square inch of my body.” She also pointed out that you can see the tags through the fabric, and the safety pin used to attach the tags would leave a hole in the fabric. And that’s not all! Perhaps most concerningly, the crotch fabric is only 1.5″ in width. The website calls the style “our micro fit August one piece swimsuit”, but this just feels extreme. I have noticed celebrities have been doing this weird thing lately where they Photoshop out their labia…but this?? I guess the toxic beauty standards truly know no bounds. Not even the genitalia are safe.

Not all of the comments, even on TikTok, are negative, but Kylie has continued to post about Kylie Baby and has yet to address the criticisms and customer complaints of her swim line. “email me BACK”, wrote one commenter underneath @kylieswim’s most recent Instagram.

“lol not them ignoring everyone’s complaints…” summed up another commenter.

This isn’t the first time Kylie’s products have been a let-down for customers. In 2017, Kylie launched her highly anticipated Kylighter (it was a highlighter) and some customers received empty boxes with no product inside. (Kylie cosmetics did send out new product to at least one customer who was shipped an empty box.) Earlier that same year, Kylie Cosmetics came out with a peach themed palette, and recipients complained that it smelled like chemicals.

The maybe-billionaire has had a busy few weeks. Less than two weeks after Kylie Swim dropped, the youngest Jenner launched Kylie Baby, a line of baby care products that are vegan; hypoallergenic; paraben-, sulfate-, and silicone-free; and a whole lot of other buzzwords I don’t feel like listing out. Even though they say all press is good press, I can’t imagine this publicity is reflecting well on her brand as a whole.

This is not the only time Kylie Jenner’s products have failed to live up to the hype; it’s simply the most recent one. Let us not forget that this is the woman who cut her teeth in the cosmetics industry by taking $5 lipstick from Colourpop and selling it for $30.

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