Has Kristina Moved On From Dean To Another Guy From Rachel's Season?

After Dean let the entire female population in America down by being a fuckboy and generally picking D-Lo over Kristina, I can never look at him the same way. I mean, I’m going to keep looking at him because can you blame me? But I’ll definitely be on to his fuckboy ways now. Like, what kind of monster just breaks the heart of a Russian orphan?

So now that Kristina is free of Dean, has she moved on to something a little more… familiar?

Sexy Russian Alex from Jojo’s season posted a pic of him and Kristina after Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Kristina Schulman Alex Bordy

Many were like, whoa WTF. Aren’t he and Dean, like, besties? Is he taking Kristina’s side in DeanGate 2017? Are they dating???

Well, sources say they’re just friends and they have a nice time speaking Russian to each other or some shit, but other than this ONE picture, there’s not much evidence that the two are boning. Even though they’re both hot and speak Russian, I mean, what more reason do two people need to hook up? I’ve hooked up with dudes that I had way less in common with than that. But enough about me.

Since that’s the only evidence… and the fact that Alex posted a Dean defense post on Tuesday, we can probably assume that Alex is not Mr. Steal Your Girl.


We all have our strengths and weaknesses. As a friend, it’s been tough watching @deanie_babies go through his recent emotional ride. To me, he has always been the same fun loving, easy going guy. But to the millions of viewers, he quickly went from the boy next door, to the man of their dreams, to that guy that every girl has dated… I make no excuses for him; don’t blame the edit, or anything of that sort. He knows he messed up, and he’s owned up to it. We learn from our mistakes, the difference is he did so in front of a massive audience. It worries me that, as a society, we persecute people for making mistakes instead of landing them guidance and support; leading to self deprecation over self growth. For all the criticism and negativity he has received, I hope to encourage people to send him more love and support. I stand by you unwavered, my friend. #IstandbyDean #IstillloveDean #negativitydoesnotinspirechange #thebachelorette #thebachelor #bachelorinparadise #bip #DeanUnglert #DeanistheworstViking #prettyprettyprincess #vikingvsprincess

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It’s probably best that we all monitor the situation, though. You know, start watching for signs of Kristina in Alex’s IG story or spotting them both in other cast member’s stories. That’s REALLY the only way to know the truth.

On second thought, Alex might just be playing the nice guy card to show off how amazing he would be as the next Bachelor. Rachel said herself that he was one of her top picks to take on the gig. Time will tell. If only Mike Fleiss’ Twitter account would get its shit together, then we could finally get some answers! 

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