Is Katy Perry Shading Taylor Swift In Her New Video For "Swish Swish"?

Katy Perry in 2017 is kind of like a car crash that we just can’t look away from, and she’s sort of outdone herself with the brand new video for her song, “Swish Swish.” The video is a disaster, and we’ll talk about it in a minute, but first we have to deal with something more pressing: the psycho Taylor Swift stans. They’re accusing Katy of copying Taylor’s “Bad Blood” video and here’s the proof: They’re both sort of about sports (kind of? I thought “Bad Blood” was about models but whatever), and they both use the word “catastrophe” in the promo. Yeah okay, there’s no proof.

So did Katy copy Taylor? Like the “Bad Blood” video, there are also a bunch of famous people in “Swish Swish”, but rather than literally all of the Victoria’s Secret Angels (and Lena Dunham), Katy got Molly Shannon, The Mountain from Game of Thrones, Terry Crews from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of the kids from Stranger Things, and the Asian girl from Glee. Yeah, we’re not that impressed. Nicki Minaj also appears, but she’s literally featured in the song so that barely counts. 

In the video, Katy plays the captain of the world’s worst basketball team, and we watch them play against a team of rejects from the Thor movies. The whole thing is ridiculously dumb, which is about what we’ve come to expect from Katy’s big projects. At least she’s consistent!

When the song originally came out, most people assumed it was about the feud with Taylor, but the video is suspiciously lacking any major references to the shady past between the two of them. Considering Katy Perry is not known for her subtlety (have you seen the “Please Eat Me Out” “Bon Appétit” video?), the fact that any references to Taylor are non-obvious probably means they are not there. Rumor has it that the feud might be over, but we’ll have to wait until Taylor’s new single comes out tonight to get more info. Remember that Katy is also hosting the VMAs this weekend, and there are rumors that they’ll perform together, which would be a strong case for us to stop watching.

So basically, save yourself the six minutes of watching this video and like, practice contouring instead or something. This is basically like a dumb appetizer before Taylor’s big release tomorrow, so stay ready.