10 Reasons Kanye And Trump Are Literally The Same Person

The one person who can out rant President Trump just graced us all with his return to Twitter. Kanye West is back and things are the same, but v different. Sometime during his one year hiatus from Twitter, Ye’s political ideology seemed to veer a bit to the right, and by a bit I mean he’s fallen off the deep end. No one should be shocked that these two have a little bromance going though, because they are actually the same, we just don’t know why it took us so long to all realize. Here are the reasons these two fuckboys are one in the same.

1. Twitter Rampages

I thought this weekend when my Twitter feed was going off it would be Trump offending me in numerous ways… thank Yeezus it was just Kanye rejoining social media. Honestly I got lost like, a tweet in and was like “Woah, we are about to get a year’s worth of Kanye’s thoughts in a couple hours and idk if the world can handle that.” But then Kanye decided to make Twitter great again and publicly change his status to #ImWithHim.

2. Way Hotter Wives

Both men have somehow snagged two beautiful wives, like way out of their leagues beautiful. And tbh they both kind of use their wives to further their agenda. Melania got roped into being the First Lady when she thought she was just agreeing to live in NY and never worry about money again. Kim, on the other hand, has no need for a sugar daddy, but her celeb status def helps Kanye. He also has the entire Kardashian fam repping his fashion line, therefore making it instantly popular.

3. Tweets About Fake News[/embed]

*Not Pictured: The hundreds of Trump tweets about fake news, because real news is fake and fake news is… also fake?? Wait what?

4. The Hair

If a little patch of poorly dyed blond-ish hair is part of Yeezy Season 7, I’m going to have to cite creative differences and explore other fashion options.

5. Fired Lawyers[/embed]


6. Taking Pics with Hillary



Pictures are worth a thousand words… but “I’m with her” are not included in the above 2000 words.

7. Running for President in 2020

In an onstage rant back in 2016 said he was planning to run for president in 2020 and Trump said he’d love to run against West. I would truly love to see both Kim and Melania killing it on the campaign trail. However, the world is def not ready for Kanye to be president.

8. Filing Bankruptcy

These dudes weren’t always so rich. Both have made some not great business moves and had to file for bankruptcy. On the note of personal finances… both have been very shady about the amount they actually earn, while always finding time to remind everyone that they have a lot of money. Like a lot, a lot, a lot.

9. Very Stable Geniuses

Need I say more? Also, not saying more because Kim already called everyone TF out for talking about Kanye’s stability and everyone knows Kardashians always win a Twitter war.

10. Dragon Energy

Who knows WTF Kanye meant by this, but Daenerys Targaryen is the only one who has actual dragon power, energy, and…dragons. Last I checked she also isn’t real, just like whatever energy Kanye is claiming to share with his bro Don.

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Irene Merrow
Irene Merrow
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