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A Necessary Dive Into 'Challengers' Star Josh O'Connors' Relationship Status

T-16 days until Challengers comes out, so it’s officially Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist stalking season. (Personally, I already know every detail of Zendaya’s life and career, but if that’s not your truth, you have more work to do.) The trailers for the upcoming film tease a steamy love triangle with Zendaya’s character, who’s a former tennis star and iconic tennis coach, and two tennis players portrayed by Josh and Mike. As students of pop culture, it’s simply our duty to come to the movie theater fully prepared with background knowledge. How might the stars’ personal experience with love inform their acting? Do they perhaps need new muses? I volunteer as tribute.

Everyone and their mother is aware that Zendaya is basically married to Tom Holland, and we’ve already thoroughly investigated Mike’s romantic history for our research. Now, it’s time to focus our attention on my British king, Josh. He does literally star as Charles in The Crown. What’s the deal with his past relationships? Is he seeing anyone now? I have the answers you crave.

Josh Has Been Linked To Margot Hauer-King And Emma Corrin

Josh O'Connor and Margot Hauer-King
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Back in 2019, the actor dated and went Insta official with Margot Hauer-King, an account director for a marketing start-up. Randomly, she’s the sister of The Little Mermaid star Jonah Hauer-King. So I guess if you wanna date a celebrity, you don’t have to be a celebrity — the minimum requirement is being related to one. I’ll work on that. Josh and Margot reportedly lived in East London and then New York City together. These days though, there’s no trace of their romance on either of their social media profiles.

Over the years, there have also been rumors about Josh and his Crown co-star, Emma Corrin. Their chemistry is literally ridiculous, so this was probably more of a fan wish than an actual reality. Tragic.

He Tried To Woo FKA Twigs Once

FKA Twigs
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Apparently, Josh and FKA Twigs went to middle school together?? AND he had a huge crush on her. This man joined a band just to impress her. “I was in a band called Orange Output basically to try and get Twigs to go out with me,” he told GQ. Sadly, he was not successful. Josh noted, “I don’t think she knows who I am.” I’m deceased.

Josh Appears To Be Single Right Now


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Josh’s Instagram is majorly giving Artsy Boy — a lot of content that doesn’t give us any real information about him. The grid features plenty of drawings, sculptures, landscapes, and black and white images… but no girlfriend. So I’m gonna go ahead and be optimistic. The man must be single and ready to mingle. He’s definitely not just keeping this dating life private. Nope, that couldn’t be. Fortunately for him, a lot of us are also available, and we’re looking for a Challengers star.

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