A Trump Campaign Staffer Allegedly Slipped His Mistress An Abortion Pill

The Trump campaign was apparently a free for all when it came to sex, drugs, and people who say “my significant other and I are separated ATM so it actually isn’t cheating.” The most recent scandal to come out of the mofo wood work is that former campaign adviser, Jason Miller, knocked up a stripper then gave her an abortion pill smoothie. But that’s not all! The reason we now know this is because he also had an affair with another campaigner AJ Delgado. The two are now fighting a custody battle over their child, so Delgado released all the receipts. I know, I know. That was a lot of information to absorb in one paragraph. Take a second to pick your jaw up off the ground.

The lovestory begins when Jason Miller was a spokesperson on the Trump campaign and AJ Delgado was brought on to help get the Latinx vote out for Trump. Of course, Miller said he was separated and, of course, that was a pile of BS. Fast forward and Delgado had their son in 2017 and – for some reason – she thinks the child having regular time with Miller will be damaging. There’s also a GoFundMe page to support Delgado’s legal fees, if you’re in the giving mood.

Clearly one baby mama per campaign is Miller’s limit (though he does not appear to have a limit on the number of affairs.) Miller allegedly hooked up with a stripper at a relaxing campaign after party at the strip club and, becase Miller apparently never learns, he got her preggo. Dude’s got some strong swimmers. Naturally then he freaked the fuck out and put an abortion pill into a smoothie he gave her, which caused the women to have a miscarriage and spend time in the hospital. Wonder how Trump’s pro-life and conservative base are feeling about this one. Not only would this mean that Miller drugged a woman and caused his own unborn child to be aborted, but he’s also pro-choice-is-all-mine-not-yours.

Splinter broke the story and sent a reporter to Florida that confirm the story with said stripper, aka Jane Doe. She was like which one of my friends told you because no one else knows that happened, aka confirmed. After the story broke, Miller took a page out of the Don’s book and took to twitter calling Splinter a liar. He also handed in his resignation as a CNN political commentator via tweet, v professional.[/embed]

“I will clear my name in this matter and seek to hold Ms. Delgado, Splinter and anyone else involved in spreading these lies legally accountable,” is apparently the last step in his 6 point plan. So get ready for the next tell all and someone should poss start a reality show of former campaign staff because this sh*t just keeps getting crazier.[/embed]

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