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'It Ends With Us' Trailer Details You Definitely Missed

After literal eons of us seeing teaser photos of Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni filming It Ends With Us, the trailer is finally here!! It’s spicy, stressful, and deeply sad as expected. In case you’re living under a giant rock, the upcoming film is based on the wildly popular Colleen Hoover book of the same name. The story follows Lily Bloom, a woman with a troubled past who moves to Boston to open a flower shop and start a new life. There, she falls in love with a sexy neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid, but their relationship turns out to be… complicated and very problematic. Lily’s ex, Atlas Corrigan, also comes into the picture and then things get even more confusing and messy.

The movie is set to hit theaters on August 9, which is not fair because some of us need it a lot sooner than that. Clearly, Blake and Justin have fiery romantic chemistry (sorry, Ryan Reynolds and Emily Baldoni), so now I’m somehow even more desperate to see this movie than I was before. But until August, at least we have this dramatic trailer to enjoy. Watch the It Ends With Us trailer below and overanalyze all the details with me!! We have a lot to discuss.


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All The Crucial It Ends With Us Trailer Details

Um, first of all… Taylor Alison Swift is soundtracking the trailer!! The trailer is set to “My Tears Ricochet” from Folklore and provides the perfect lyrical narrative and sonic mood for It Ends With Us. We all know that Taylor doesn’t give just anyone permission to use her music in films and TV shows, but Blake is, like, her No. 1 bestie, so I’m not shocked. Still, the movie must have Blondie’s approval, which is important info.

Okay, we also need to address the fact that Blake’s fashion in the trailer is a bit rough but so accurate for Lily. The super busy shirts with stripes and patterns, the beanie and oversized scarf… I’m cringing, but I’m applauding the costume designer ’cause it’s definitely giving artsy flower shop owner in Boston. For the record, Blake totally pulls off looking twenty-something, so that group of haters can calm down now.

Did you notice that shot of Atlas’ green ring? When Lily first runs into him, she looks down at the table where his hand is resting, and she seems to recognize the ring immediately. It’s all in the small details! Aaaahh, August can come right away. Please.

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Ilana Frost
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